Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts On Gold Crossing $1,800.00/Ounce

Gold just crossed the $1,800.00 line a few minutes ago.  Not just peeked over the threshold, but crossed over looking to stay.

It occurs to me that gold's appreciation of $140.00 an ounce since Sunday afternoon is a harbinger we should be paying serious attention to, more so than the wild swings (mostly down) in the equities markets.

There must be a lot of gold buyers in order to drive the price up that high.  A lot of people who must also believe there is a substantial chance that either the price will stay that high, or that conventional currencies will soon have such diminished value that gold is worth the price. 

Does that mean that an economic collapse is imminent?  I am hesitant to make such a prediction, but I don't think the underlying reasons for gold's increase paint a rosy picture.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to Obambwe, and Get Ready for the Barackalypse!

In Obambwe, the Zimbabwe of the West, does the Barackalypse precede Obamageddon or is it the other way around?

I did not get a lot of work done today, as I was watching the stock market, gold, and the prognosticators.  I was tickled to see the Dow down 634 points by the end of the day and gold up over $1,700.00 all day.  I own no gold and have nothing invested in the stock market, so I have no direct interest in what appears to be the consequences of government malfeasance.

I actually take no joy in this economic meltdown, but I am glad it is finally getting in gear.  I am tired of watching the slow decline and the ruinous actions and inactions of the morons we have collectively elected to govern.  When those morons have finished running our economy over the cliff, we can achieve a "reset" and get back to business.  But not before getting out the pitchforks, tar, and feathers.

I figure that I can be a little more sanguine about the whole mess because I have been a prepper for over fifteen years.  While the preps are nowhere near complete, I feel a lot better than I would if I had only three days worth of food, no money in the bank, and no defenses. 

Although it is difficult to tell what will happen over the coming months and years, and many predictions have already been made (including by me) and not come to pass, it does not appear that much good is going to come out of the country's present financial predicament.  At least not until those who have caused this mess are called to account for their actions.  I really believe that this may be the last opportunity to make preparations before financial circumstances become dire, including devalued currency, massive inflation, increased unemployment, and possible shortages.  I am and have been making lists of food and tangibles that will be necessary in the future and/or will maintain their value. 

Additionally, I have been taking note of the increasing social unrest and violence in the country.  I have decided that I will carry concealed wherever I lawfully can, and am checking into more methods of concealed carry.  This includes new holsters, magazine carriers, and vehicle lockboxes.  I am determined that I will not make a good victim.

Other than that, I have just been trying to digest the all the news and information.  There was a whole lot of coverage on the negotiations to raise the debt limit, which didn't mean an damn thing in the end.  The result was just business as usual:  Increased spending and no actual cuts.  One step closer to the abyss.

Keep your head down, your preps dry, and your pitchfork handy.