Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Addams Family Foreign Policy

I would actually rather have the real Lurch as Secretary of State.  Lurch and Kerry are like Jekyll and Hyde, with Lurch as Dr. Jekyll.  To the best of my knowledge, Lurch never:
--Lied about his military service;
--Protested against his country while the country was at war;
--Was for military action before being against it;
--Has been portrayed as a waffle;
--Voted for Obamacare;
--Voted to disarm Americans;
--Associated with Jane Fonda;
--Spoke French at home; or
--Cozied up to America's enemies.

Just sayin'.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

O, No! Loon Gunman finds The Smoking Gun!

I hope that Press Secretary Jay Cravenly got lots of overtime for this one.  Only he must have been so tired he forgot to airbrush out the steam locomotive coming through the woods.  You can see it just behind the  barrel of the shotgun.

Note to Loon Gunman:  Aim up at the clays, not down at Joe Biden.  Naw, I take that back. 

Note to Pseudo Constitutional Law Professor from Practicing Attorney who has actually read the Constitution:  I can do whatever I want to your photo.  It's called satire, dumbass.  Satire of a public figure is protected by the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, a document you are utterly ignorant of.  Jerry Falwell found that out in 1982 or so when he sued Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.  If you were really a lawyer and/or professor of constitutional law, you would know that.

Inspiration from TL Davis, David Codrea (I stole the photo from him), and Pamela Geller (I stole "Loon Gunman" from her).

Of course, the best photo was the one Pamela Geller borrowed from BigFurHat