Monday, August 31, 2009

Quote of the Day

But from where I sit, Barack Obama is a"post turtle." What is a"post turtle" you urbane urbanites and city slickers might ask?
Well one day an old cowboy was out ridin' fence and he saw a turtle balanced on top of a fence post. When he got back to the bunkhouse he told the other fellas that he saw a "post turtle". They all asked, "What the hell is a 'post Turtle'? And he said it was a turtle settin' on top of a post! He then went on to explain that "you know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he doesn't know what to do while he's up there and you just wonder what kind of dang fool put him up there to begin with!"

Patrick Dorinson, The Cowboy Libertarian

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Retarded Politician of the Week

Rep. Charles Rangel D-NY.

Ole Charlie forgot to tell the public that he had between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00 in a checking account, three land parcels in New Jersey, and stock in PepsiCo worth up to $50,000.00. These assets did not make their way into his 2007 public disclosure forms.

This after forgetting about income from rental property in a villa in the Dominican Republic in previous filings. Not to mention forgetting to pay taxes on the income.

I guess it must have all got lost in the sofa cushions. Or maybe Treasury Secretary Tim "Turbo Taxcheat" Geithner was doing his taxes. Or maybe Charlie spent too much time hanging out with former Rep. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, D-LA.

Rangel's revised net worth is between $1,000,000.00 and $2,500,000.00 according to the deliberately and legally vague disclosure forms. Quite a haul for a guy who, according to Wikipedia, made little money before becoming a public servant.

One could make the argument that Rangel is out-and-out dishonest. Or at age 79 that he is senile. I'll settle for Retarded.

Story here, at Newsmax.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Riddance, Ted

The Ted is Dead. Good Riddance!

And to the State of Massachusetts: Congratulations. Now get yourselves a senator who actually gives a damn about you.

Bumper sticker I used to have on my car: "Ted Kennedy's Car Has Killed More People Than My Gun". Still true after all these years.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obamorons and the ColorOfChange(.org)

I have formed my own opinion that Barack Obama is a racist. I think he simply does not like white people. It is evident to me from his autobiography and from multiple references he has made regarding white Americans. Recently, Glenn Beck made the same observation. A Black Pressure Organization called has started a campaign to persuade advertisers to abandon Glenn Beck's show. Read it at Newsmax. I find this to be offensive and chilling to free speech.

Advertisers should remember that pressure groups do not shop at their stores. Pressure groups use the proxy method, telling stores that their members are representative of the public at large. Thus, the advertiser is led to believe that displeasing the pressure group is tantamount to displeasing the public at large.

Those of us who actually are the public at large and who do spend money with these advertisers should write to these advertisers and let them know how we feel about efforts by pressure groups to suppress free speech. The following is from my letter to Walmart:

I just read that you have withdrawn advertising from the Glenn Beck program on Fox News Channel, under pressure from a group called, because Mr. Beck has the opinion that President Obama is a racist. While I do not agree with everything Mr. Beck says, he is usally able to provide facts to document his opinion. I believe this to have been the case with Mr. Beck's remarks regarding the president. While Walmart is certainly free to choose the programs it will advertise on, such blatant caving in to a pressure group has a chilling effect on free speech. Just as Walmart can choose to advertise where it wants, I am free to shop where I want. I doubt that has spent much money at Walmart, but I know that my family has spent a significant portion of our budget at Walmart over the past eight years that Walmart has been in our area. If it is true that Walmart is caving in to an anti-free speech pressure group, I think that our family can spend our hard-earned money somewhere else. This means we would no longer be shopping at Walmart. Saving money at Walmart just does not compare to the value of freedom.

I only write to advertisers that I actually patronize. Walmart is the first. Next is Clorox and other advertisers who cave in to the pressure from

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where I Buy Supplies

I just received another shipment from Sportsman's Guide. To me, that place is like an online candy store. Seems I get an email from them about every other day full of interesting deals. I have bought a lot of stuff from them over the years, from ammunition to camping equipment.

I have noticed a number of blogs that have advertising. Nothing wrong with that, but I have regularly clicked on advertisers and then Google searched for the same merchandise. It is surprising how much of a difference in price exists for pretty much the same items.

After doing a lot of online searching, I have narrowed my list down to a few places that I regularly buy from. Sometimes, local stores have the best deals. Just have to pay attention.

Online, I buy from:

--Sportsman's Guide ( for ammunition, boots, military surplus gear, gun magazines, and camping gear/supplies. Selection of most items comes and goes, but the prices are usually pretty good. Shipping rates for ammunition orders are very reasonable, as shipping is based on the dollar amount of the order, not the weight. Additionally, if you order a lot of stuff, the buyer's club is worth the $30.00 per year for additional 10% off (5% for ammo). If you get their no-annual-fee Visa, its good for an additional 2.5% off. If you get on their email list, you get regular coupons for $10 off a $99 order.

--Honeyville Grain ( for freeze dried and dehydrated food. Their freeze dried vegetable combo, freeze dried fruit combo, and powdered dried eggs in a can can't be beat. Fantastic prices and $4.49 U.S. shipping no matter how large or small the order.

--Emergency Essentials ( Great prices on freeze dried and dehydrated food. And a huge selection. They also have five-gallon mylar water storage bags, and great prices on trioxane fuel bars. Some prices seem high, such as on SuperPails of beans, etc. For the freeze dried and dehydrated food, their prices are quite reasonable, as it the cost of shipping.

--U.S. Plastic ( As I had mentioned in another post, I have purchased buckets and lids from U.S. Plastic. I have been very satisfied with the quality for the price I paid. I will soon be ordering some more along with water storage containers. After I placed my first order they sent me an email with a 10% discount for my next purchase. I also received their printed catalog, which is just amazing. It has all kinds of plastic items from labware to buckets and barrels, tanks, crates, totes, tubing and fittings.

--Natchez Shooters Supply ( They have a huge selection of gun accessories of every kind. I mainly buy magazines and ammo from them. Great prices on those items, and the shipping prices aren't too bad. Shipping is based on weight, so heavy items like cases of .45 acp can incur some pricey shipping charges.

--USA Emergency Supply ( A good selection of disaster preparedness supplies. They have good prices on mylar bucket liner bags and oxygen absorbers. Shipping prices are reasonable, too.

--MRE Depot ( A good, and sometimes unique, supply of storable food items. I have bought canned butter, canned cheese, and dehydrated pork chops from them. Haven't tried the pork chops yet, but I have been very happy with their prices, shipping rates, and fast service. Sometimes one can find their best deals on eBay.

There are other places I buy other things from, usually specialized items. I will have to think about the other places I have found some good deals on prep items. Fodder for another post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EyeWitless News

"Obama the Joker" Artist is a Moonbat!

Turns out that the artist who enhanced the Time magazine cover photo of Comrade Obama, resulting in Obama as the Joker of Batman fame, is a Moonbat! Not just a Moonbat, but a Moonbat's Moonbat!

Chicago resident and Dennis (I've been abducted by aliens) Kucinich supporter Firas Alkhateeb is the artist responsible for the caricature of Obama.

As usual, the riffraff from the left is responsible for the commotion.

Story here, courtesy of Fox News.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quote of the Day

Hillary said so!

For those of you (and me) who are incensed over left-wing, commie, pinko, freak liberals telling us that it is somehow unpatriotic or un-American to protest the Obamanation's plans to remake this country in the image of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, take heart! Hillary said that it is patriotic to debate and disagree with this administration:

I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Listen here, via YouTube.

Obummer Deactivates

Our Cornholer-in-Chief, Comrade Obama, has deactivated This was the email address to inform on all of those nogoodnicks who opposed the Carter II administration's efforts to ration our health care. Story here.

The news story spends a lot of space bemoaning those who unwittingly became unwilling recipients of government spam after emailing to No mention was given to what I consider the real reason the email address was taken down: I believe it was overloaded by emails critical of Obummer's plans to institute third-world style health care in the U.S. I contributed a few, and hope that many other patriotic Americans did the same.

Meanwhile, we should all visit BHO's replacement site,, and give it the same treatment.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Retarded Politician of the Week

Congressman James Clyburn, D-SC

Congressman Clyburn, typical left-wing lunatic, has compared town hall meeting protesters to racist Southern officials, also likely Democrats, during the 1960's.

Let's see, comparing concerned citizens, expressing themselves over a policy that will likely bankrupt the nation, to Bull Connor. What idiocy!

The quote that propelled Clyburn to victory as Retarded Politician of the Week was his comparison of the protected 1st Amendment speech and assembly rights of citizens to the racist 1960's officials who assaulted protesters: "This is all about activity — trying to deny the establishment of a civil right."

Memo to Clyburn: The Government does not have civil rights. Only individual citizens have civil rights. Citizens as in the protesters who care enough about their country to show up and speak up.

Clyburn = Dumbshit.

Close runner-up: Congressman John Dingell (or is that Dingbat?) D-MI, who compared town hall protesters to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Story here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Story on Health Care

Recently my poor-excuse-for-a-senator, Patty Murray, D-WA, sent me an email asking me for "my story" on health care. Seems Comrade Murray is looking for sob stories from people so she can continue doing General Secretary Obama's bidding for health care "reform".

Here is My Story to Ms. Murray:


I am a self-employed small businessman who pays taxes and does not have health insurance. I would like to buy health insurance, but have to pay taxes instead. The government this fine banana republic has decided that a $1,000,000,000,000.00 government-run health insurance plan is what I need. That amounts to about $3,333.00 for every man, woman, and child in this country. About 60% of the population is of an age to work and pay taxes. Of these, about 40% actually pay taxes. I am in this latter group. So for us, the burden is about $13,889.00 per person. The bill is over 1,000 pages long. Neither of my esteemed Senators has read the bill, yet they waste no time in telling me about how necessary it is. I would like for my health care story to end like this: my senators read the monstrous bill, do their patriotic and Constitutional duty, and vote "NO" on this Obamination.

Did I mention that both of my senators are pushing this bill and have not bothered to even read it?

Emailed to on August 13, 2009.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

Every move you make
Every step you take
Ill be watching you

The New Police (Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder)

My Contribution to #2

TO: the Kremlin

This email from Comrade Murray seems "fishy". As requested, I am informing on others for the benefit of our glorious democrat people's banana republic of Barakastan Obamastan.

Regards to General Secretary Obamanov

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Patty Murray
To: Nairb
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 11:55:12 AM
Subject: Health Care: Telling Your Stories

SUBSCRIBE to Washington View UNSUBSCRIBE from Washington View

August 11, 2009

Health Care: Telling Your Stories

Few issues affect the day-to-day lives of working families like health care. Whether it’s struggling with the increasing financial burden of your own premium, watching someone you love struggle with an insurance company while sick, or the worry that you yourself might be one accident away from bankruptcy, it’s clear that we can’t afford to keep heading down the path we’re on.

A few weeks ago, I asked you to share your health care stories illustrating the need for change. The response has been overwhelming, and the thousands of stories I’ve received have sent a message for health care reform stronger than anything I could say on my own. That’s why, in addition to sharing your stories on my website, I’ve been telling them in speeches to my colleagues on the Senate floor.

The Catastrophic Cost of Living Without Care

I told the stories of two Washington residents who lost their jobs, lost their health care, and ultimately lost their lives. Janet in Seattle and Kelly in Puyallup both felt that something was wrong, but put off going to the doctor because they no longer had insurance. By the time they finally decided to go in, it was too late – Janet had stage four throat cancer, and Kelly died of an ovarian cyst the morning of her appointment.

From my floor speech:

“I think the fact that these stories are possible in the greatest and richest country in the world is simply shameful. So when I hear some of my colleagues from across the aisle saying that we should slow down, saying that we should take more time, or that we are trying to reform health care too fast, I think of Kelly, and I think of Janet. We cannot continue to play politics with the most important thing to our nation’s families- the health of their loved ones.”

A Growing Burden on the Middle Class

Even those who do have health coverage are facing difficult decisions and mounting costs. For instance, Patricia in Woodinville, Washington has watched her family’s premiums rise by hundreds of dollars per month while their coverage goes down. On Wednesday, I told her story on the floor.

From my floor speech:

“To provide care for her family of four, Patricia paid $840 dollars a month in 2007. Then, last year, her payments jumped to $900 a month. Today, Patricia pays $1,186 in premiums just to provide care for her family each month. For those of our colleagues who ask how we can afford to pay for this, I’d like to tell them to ask Patricia Jackson – or any of their constituents. Because the real question is how can we afford not to.”

Ensuring Quality Care in Every Town

We all deserve access to the care we need when we need it, but our current health care system places many of us dangerously far from care. That’s why I’ve helped to make sure that our health care bill includes provisions to train and place doctors in underserved communities. On Monday, I told the story of Judy from Moses Lake, whose son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age.

From my floor speech:

“Judy and her husband had insurance—they had good health insurance—but they had to travel over three hours to get to a clinic with the resources that her son needed. They were not able to move closer to the clinic, because moving would force them to switch health insurance providers—and they knew they would get rejected because of their son’s preexisting condition. Judy’s son died three years ago, but the reforms we are working on will help mothers like Judy across the country. We are going to ensure that nobody can be denied health care coverage, even if they have a preexisting condition.”
Share Your Health Care Story Today:
TO COMMENT: Please send an email to:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Decided Who is Red and Blue?

This whole red state, blue state thing has me puzzled. As in the political parties, conservative vs. socialist (liberal doesn't seem to apply anymore, as that would suggest moderation). Just who the hell chose red for conservative Republicans?

It seems to me that the commies have succeeded again in defining their opponents to their opponents' detriment. In my youth "red" as a political color was associated with the far-left communists and marxists, which is today the Obama/Emmanuel wing of the Democratic Party. To be considered "red" was to be considered an extremist.

Red is also traditionally associated, from the days of the Revolutionary War, with the British while blue is associated with the Continental Army. During the Civil War, blue was the color of the Union Army uniforms, while the Confederacy (seen as racist by socialist/marxists) had gray uniforms.

Sometime in the last twenty years the color red has become strongly associated with conservatives, and Republicans in particular. Seems to me that the media, in conjunction with their leftist comrades, have taken advantage of the negative association to the color red as a political adjective and applied it to conservatives.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been cast in the color blue, symbolic of the fight for freedom from British colonial oppressors and the fight to preserve the Union against the "racist" Confederacy.

I have been a conservative since I was a teenager, and a sometime Republican. I cannot help but think that the left and their cohorts in the elitist media have somehow used the symbolism of colors to influence a substantial percentage of Americans into thinking that the "red" conservatives are the enemy of America.

Judging by the vast amount of brainless wonders I have encountered who are also fervent Obama supporters, I suspect that something as simple as color association can be used to influence these mindless drones. A more logical explanation for the Obamoronism escapes me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

In dictatorships, you need courage to fight evil; in the free world, you need courage to see the evil.

Natan Sharansky

Saturday, August 8, 2009

EyeWitless News

Beer Run on Riding Mower Ends in Arrest

Not having a valid driver's license didn't stop Dennis Cretton from making a beer run. Crotton fired up his yellow riding mower and charged off to the local gas station convenience store on a quest for more suds. Problem is, he was too drunk to drive even a riding mower. After neighbors reported Cretton weaving in and out of traffic, police tried to stop him, but Cretton gave chase back to his home. Cretton spilled his half-rack of Milwaukee's Best upon driving his mower up into his front yard, where he was arrested for felony aggravated drunk driving.

Seems the real crime here was spilling the beer. Of course, Cretton's crime would be mitigated by the fact he spilled Milwaukee's Best.

Story here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Contribution to


I read in the news that good citizens should forward emails we have received containing false information about the government's proposed health care reform. Here is one I received recently from the New National Socialist Party commandant Frau Murray.

Regards to President Carter II.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Patty Murray
To: Nairb
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 1:46:32 PM
Subject: Your Voice is Needed!

Dear Friend,
I don’t need to tell you that our health care system is in crisis. You see it first hand in your pay checks, your premiums, your business costs and your ability to access the care you need when you need it.

And I am working in Congress to try and do something about it.

As a member of the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee I am currently helping to craft a health care reform bill that makes health care more affordable, protects your choice of doctors and treatments and ensures that all Americans can get quality care when they need it.

We know that the rising cost of care is sapping our productivity, hurting our businesses and draining state and federal resources. In fact, health care reform may well be the best economic stimulus plan we could pass.

But getting a bill to President Obama’s desk this year won’t be easy. And that’s why I need your help.

No matter where I go across our state I hear from families, businesses and workers who are struggling under the weight of the costs of health care. And now is the time for you to have a bigger voice in this debate.

Making meaningful reform happen this year will take more than members of Congress – or even President Obama – calling for change. It will take Americans across our state and nation standing up and demanding it.

That’s why I’m asking Washington state residents to add their voice to this debate by signing up.

The Power of Personal Stories

I know that health care is a very personal issue.

But, I also know that personal stories have the power to transform debates.

Health care affects your pocketbooks, your loved ones, and your own health and well being. That is why I’m asking you to share your health care experiences, your passion for change, and your suggestions for a better health care system for all.

Over the coming weeks, as I participate in committee meetings, consider amendments, and continue to fine tune our health care plan, my staff and I will be reviewing your thoughts and experiences. And with your permission, I will be asking some of you to allow me to use your stories in speeches and Senate debates to illustrate the public need and support for health care reform this year.

If you don’t want to share a story, please feel free to just sign up above to support health care reform efforts and we will keep you updated with the very latest.

Thank you for your help and your commitment to passing meaningful health care reform for all Americans this year.

Thank you,

Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Give the Turds What They Want

So Comrade Obama wants us to inform on people who are telling the truth about his Obamination of a health care plan. Rat out the opposition to the Rat Bastard. The Obamorons even provide an email address to forward all those nasty emails and other "disinformation" against his central planning for our health care. More likely his plan for killing off his detractors through denial of health care after ensuring that the only place to get medical treatment is Comrade Obama Medical Center. But I digress...

We should take advantage of the opportunity to tell President Carter II what we really think via that email address, I suggest that we also forward all kinds of crap to I am going to find all of the email updates sent to me by my shithead senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, along with every email sent to me by any crackpot liberal group, starting with Maybe even some of those stupid emails I keep getting from naked housewives with webcams.

Give the turds what they want, just not with what they are expecting, and flood that email inbox. If a significant number of people do this, maybe the Turd-in-Chief will clue in that he and his commie remake of America aren't that popular.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Quote of the Day

"So far as I can tell, the only real difference between members of Congress and cockroaches is that one of the two species has a few more legs than the other."

Burt Prelutsky