Friday, October 4, 2013

Unarmed Woman Murdered in the District of Criminals

Just yesterday I was remarking on the killing of Miriam Carey by the Washington, District of Criminals Police.  Ms. Carey had no weapons in her possession.  What made her dangerous was her driving.  In more civilized cities, police drive the car off the road or box it in.  In the District of Criminals, the lives of two-legged slugs such as Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are considered so valuable that the extraordinary measure of state execution is justified.  Tyranny has not only reared its head, it was broadcast on every TV station, printed in every newspaper, and splashed across the world wide web.  Like a good lapdog, the media laps at the bowl provided by its Obo-master and expels the flatulence it calls news.  How sickening.

Bill Buppert expressed it better than I in Celebrating Thuggery: Clown Posse on the Potomac.