Friday, December 18, 2009

Dangerous World

I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school this afternoon when I witnessed a carjacking. I was stopped at a red light when I saw a guy get into the passenger side of a Camaro ahead and to the right of me. Then I saw the drivers side door open and the driver's legs hanging out and shaking. it looked like there was a struggle going on. A pickup was in front of me, and I saw the driver leaning over to look into the car at his right. Then the light changed and the pickup started pulling forward. As I pulled up to the Camaro and looked in, I saw two men struggling in the front seats, then I heard a gunshot. I decided quickly that I was not going to remain in the line of fire and pulled forward and through the light. As I pulled forward I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the driver of the car get out and fall down in the roadway, where he lay as I continued away from the scene. I promptly pulled out my phone and called 911.

A couple of things I figured out during and after this: One, I'm glad that I kept my wits and did not freeze up upon hearing the gunshot. Two, my experience with 911 was less than satisfactory, as I had to explain everything twice, first to the operator and then to dispatch. I would not want to count on a prompt response if my life was at stake. Three, I'm glad that I resisted the urge to immediately intervene when I first saw the struggle going on. I had no way to know what was really going on and did not know that the guy in the passenger seat was armed. Four, I realized that I often drive around without taking note of people and vehicles around me. I've got to remember to lock my doors and be more aware.

A while later I drove past the intersection on my way back to work. The street was totally blocked off with police cars. The local news reports that the victim was shot in a carjacking and transported to a local hospital. I hope he has a speedy recovery. The police found the perp hiding in a doghouse about an hour and a half later.

I'm not really shaken up at all about it, it just makes me think how lax I have been about security. Oh well, plenty of time to think about it this weekend.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beware the Conspiracy Theorists

Or, Check Your Sources

I have read some blogs which reference the supposed buildup of USNORTHCOM forces under orders from Comrade Obama in anticipation of a rebellion in January 2010. I have even had this information emailed to me by persons I consider to be level- headed. All reference an article in the EU Times dated November 28, 2009. A follow up article appeared December 16, 2009. I have to admit that I was initially giving credence to this EU Times organization.

However, something didn't seem right. I noticed that the EU Times cited other news organizations and blogs, so it was not using original sources. After clicking on some of the articles' citations, I realized that the EU Times was editorializing based on secondary sources. Not terribly bad, as the MSM constantly editorializes while pretending to offer news reporting. After all, how many "news" programs consist of reporters interviewing each other?

What is much worse is that the EU Times appears to be the "news" front for a white nationalist organization, and is perceptibly racist and anti-semitic in its content. Don't believe me? Click here for "white extinction" topics, here for "interracial" topics and here for holocaust denial.

The Mainstream Media is so liberal, pro-Obama, anti-American, and (dare I say it) anti-white American that it would be great to have a reputable source of news for what is really happening in America and the world. The racist and anti-semitic EU Times is not it.

Stupid Politician Tricks #4

The morons-that-be our Congresscritters have decided that some television commercials are too loud. Congresstwit Anna Eschoo (French for "the house is collapsing around my head, but I'm getting new carpeting"), D-CA (what else would one expect?) had drafted a bill to ensure that television commercials are not noticeably louder than the accompanying programs.

Joining Congresstwit Eschoo is Senaturd Tim Johnson D-SD (again, what else would one expect?) He claims that this problem has been nagging South Dakotans for years. The three of them have apparently been been driving him nuts with the issue.

Let's see, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy, we are at war on multiple fronts with Islamists, and the Democrappers are trying to turn what is left of the country into a Commie paradise. Why in the hell do we need to worry about the volume of commercials? The only benefit of this would be if politicians speeches and all MSM news were to be considered commercials and were required to be muted.

If this is truly a problem, let the free market (what is now left of it) deal with the problem. Oh, wait! Years ago Magnavox introduced Smart Sound to do just that! Has anyone even seen a Magnavox brand television lately? Case closed.

Anna Eschoo and Tim Johnson should be tarred and feathered. Or better yet, be the first enrollees in Obamacare.

EyeWitless News: Vote for Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Year

Wow, it seems like this year has just flown by. We're near the end of 2009, and it's time to vote for Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Year 2009.

The Contenders are:

--Woman crashes on curve, sues county, claims 10mph speed limit was inadequate warning.

--Restaurant customer sues after toilet paper rolls fall into his hand from "unreasonably dangerous toilet paper dispenser".

--Illegal immigrants sue rancher who held them at gunpoint on his property and turned them in to Border Patrol.

--Tourist sues New York club after she slips while dancing on top of the bar.

--Woman microwaves hair removal wax, spills it on herself, and sues manufacturer for "placing such dangerous products into the stream of commerce".

--Inmate sues to avoid being named world's most litigious person.

--Double murderer sues to claim his victims classic Chevy pickup.

--Tourist sues hotel, claiming its swimming pool got daughter pregnant.

--Dolphins splash, woman sues.

--Wife kills husband, sues for his pension survivor benefits.

--Neighbor sues woman for smoking in her own home.

--Holocaust denier sues Auschwitz survivor, claiming memoir contains "fantastical tales".

Be sure to vote, here, at Faces of Lawsuit Abuse.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Honeyville Grain Sale

Honeyville Grain is having another sale. Seems like I just got my order in from the last sale. Through Tuesday, 10% off with code NOEL.

Honeyville now has dehydrated meat in #10 cans. Beef chunks, hamburger, chicken and turkey. With the 10% off, prices are below anything else I have found.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

I am delighted as anyone that the latest unemployment figures show a slight drop in joblessness to 10%. Much of the media is upbeat as well — which raises the question: in 2004, John Kerry ran on the theme of a “jobless recovery,” a charge resonating through the major media outlets. Yet unemployment in the last quarter of 2004, when these accusations were most frequent, was 5.4% — and soon dipped to average 5% for 2005. If 5.4% is termed “jobless”, what is 10% — job-full?

Victor Davis Hanson

The opinion piece this quote came from is full of quotables, and is entirely thought-provoking: Our Present Anxieties.

Friday, December 4, 2009

C'mon, C'mon Get Happy! (Not!)

The MSM is trumpeting the slightly lower unemployment figure for November 2009. Wowee!!! Dropped from 10.2% to 10.0%. MSM is falling all over itself to give credit to the Second Carter Administration.

Last week we were supposed to be psyched about the possibility that Black Friday sales would be robust and result in an uptick in our consumption economy. Actual results were mixed.

Back to unemployment. I would be extremely surprised if unemployment did not drop in November and again in December. Why? Simple answer here.

Many, if not most, retail establishments hire additional staff during the holidays. For many businesses, the Christmas season is a significant amount of sales. Some retailers have 25% or more of their sales in November and December. In years past, I recall news stories about businesses that would not be able to survive to the new year without the significant increase in business from holiday sales.

Just look at how many companies fold right after the holiday season. Not too many years back Montgomery Ward folded its tent after holiday sales failed to keep it afloat. Look to see a whole lot of well-known retailers close up shop in the first quarter of 2010.

My response to the much-heralded November unemployment figures: Keep on Prepping.

My prediction is that after two months of slight decreases in unemployment (November and December), unemployment figurs will increase by at least 0.5% for January and keep climbing. The Obamessiah, after claiming credit for the drop in November and December, will be clueless as to the increased unemployment next year. After all, he has never held a private sector job or had any management experience prior to becoming Marxist-in-Chief.

We are not out of the woods. As a number of other commentators have said recently, this will not end well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EyeWitless News: Goodbye Buckets of Beans?

Mad Science? Growing Meat Without Animals

Scientists think that we will be able to grow edible meat in a laboratory.

Just think: Instead of mylar lined buckets of pinto beans as a means of storing protein, we could just grow our own meat in our own home laboratories post-SHTF.

Of course, scientists allude to other uses, such as regrowth of human tissue for replacement. So, if your arm is shot off by some mutant zombie biker, it may be possible to regrow that arm from stem cells and be good as new.

Gotta love those mad scientists!