Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!...........And Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone!  If 2011 was a confusing and difficult year, 2012 looks to be even more so.  Or maybe its just that I've been watching Armageddon Week on one of the History Channels.  I don't know if the world will end this year, but there are certainly enough ways for it to happen, from a financial collapse to an alignment of the earth and sun with a black hole later in the year.

Since the Mayans have given us until December 21, I have come up with my resolutions to deal with until then:

1)  Stop smoking  I actually quit for about four months last year.  I need to stick to it.
2)  Sell off excess belongings.  I seem to have a lot of stuff stored, that I don't need.
3)  Come up with new GOOD plan.  Previous plan involved friend who passed away last year.
4)  Research and acquire medical supplies beyond band-aids and ibuprofen.
5)  Evaluate and restructure bug out bags.  Another problem with too much stuff.
6)  Complete overdue home-improvement projects:  plumbing repairs, gutters, electrical upgrades, painting.
7)  Update first aid training and acquire more medical knowledge.
8)  Explore new business opportunities in the event current job is not productive.
9)  Inspect, and perform or schedule repairs for all vehicles.
10)  Update inventory of all preps.

I think that will keep me busy this year.