Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank You, Congressman Joe Wilson

By now everyone knows that Congressman Joe Wilson, R-SC, yelled out "You lie!" when Barack Hussein Obama said in his speech last night that the obamination of a health care bill would not cover illegal aliens.

I tried to send an email to Congressman Wilson to express my pleasure at his calling Comrade Obama on his lies, and to express my displeasure at Wilson for apologizing. I could not because his congressional web site is down, so I will do it here.

Thank you, Congressman Wilson, for calling Obama on his lies. It is about time that someone in elected office had the balls to speak the obvious. Obama is a liar. And Congressman, never apologize for telling the truth. I must remember to contribute to your election fund.

Now for some dishonorable mentions for not backing Congressman Wilson:
--The Dishonorable John McCain, R-AZ
--The Dishonorable Lindsey Graham, R-SC
--The Dishonorable Bob Corker, R-TN
--The Dishonorable Dave Camp, R-MI

I need not mention the usual hypocritical screeching scumbags on the left such as Dick(head) Durbin, D-IL, Sheila Jack(ass)son Lee, D-TX, Jim Clyburn (former Retarded Politician of the Week), D-SC, and Queen Nancy of Pelosi, D-CA who had to comment, but I will anyway.

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