Sunday, June 6, 2010

War Is Imminent

Can't say it much plainer than that. My G-Man friend puts the timing at sometime in July, no later than August. I have to go meet up with him in person because he won't give me details otherwise. Anyone who reads the news knows that this is coming, the unknown is from what direction. That appears to have been settled.

The civilized-world motive for war is abundantly clear. A distraction is needed for the failing economy and failed leadership. In the U.S., that means that Obama is now widely known as a failure. He has been looking over BP's shoulder while they try to shut off the spill in the Gulf, much like six-year-old Johnny watches his dad replace a water pump on the old Chevy. Neither Johnny nor Obama has a clue to what is going on, but both feel free to irritate their superiors with ignorant commentary.

Obama has created few, if any, jobs outside of government and census work. Any liberty loving person with a brain knows it is not the government's job to create jobs, but since Obama has claimed it as his responsibility, he can own the failure, too. The stock markets are tanking, the banks own more homes than individual Americans, millions of homes are in foreclosure, commercial real estate is collapsing, high unemployment continues unabated, forty million Americans are on food stamps, tax revenue is down, state and local governments face record deficits and are near bankruptcy, bankruptcy filings are 1.4 million and increasing, new taxes are being added every time you turn around, and we have yet to add on the costs for Obamacare which does not even start for a couple of years.

Did I mention a $1,600,000,000,000.00 deficit for 2010, a current national debt of $13,000,000,000,000.00, and that it soon, very soon, will reach 100% of Gross Domestic Product (Whatever happened to Gross National Product, anyway?)? That the government has spent trillions of dollars on stimulus plans, which turned out to mainly be porkulus for the big banks and other special interests, little of which reached the average American, and which had little effect on the still-moribund economy? That we are guaranteeing part of the 750,000,000.00 Euro ($930,000,000,000.00) European bailout package and that we have guaranteed the ability of European banks to swap their currencies into dollars (at our loss) in order to be able to pay their debts in a "stable" currency?

Enough on the economy. Times are tough, Obama is weak, and the Democrats need a way out of the mess they may not have created, but have fumbled, bumbled, and worsened. The sure-fire way out of a bad economy and the embarrassment of nation-cripplingly weak foreign policy is to get into a war.

Currently, Obama has his pick of several hotspots on which to fan the flames. There is North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Taiwan/China, several African civil wars, and that perennial time-bomb of the Israel/"Arabs in Palestine" issue. Obama the internationalist apologist for American might (in order to prove his allegiance to the Ummah and whatever other anti-American ideals he has grown up with), will not start the fight. After so much bowing, kowtowing, and apologizing to all of America's enemies, Obama will not cede what he believes to be his moral high ground. He is The One, you know.

The war will be in the Middle East. Israel will be attacked by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Egypt, and Turkey. Prior to this year, all of the former were predictable, even Egypt. Egypt will abandon its peace treaty with Israel to join its Muslim brothers. The new significant actor bringing this to war is Turkey, which has an Islamist party in power and at the head of government in the form of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. Turkey's Islamists have purged its military of officers who could stop the de-secularization of Turkey, have increased ties with Syria and Iran, and have chosen to jeopardize its ties to the West and to NATO. Turkey has now turned on its former friend, Israel, and joined the Arabs in the Palestine cause (the so-called "palestinians" are Arabs), and is getting very aggressive with Israel out of proportion to Israel's response to the increasing terrorist provocations originating from Turkey under Prime Minister Erdogan. Yes, Turkey's Prime Minister is sponsoring terrorism against Israel, then is threatening Israel for defending itself from the terrorism.

The provocations and threats from Turkey keep increasing. Israel continues to maintain its defenses, for which it should receive encouragement from the U.S. Obama, however, continues to fiddle while Turkey's Erdogan continues to strike matches and throw them at Gaza. Erdogan is reading this, perhaps correctly, as a sign that Obama will throw Israel under the bus just as he did his own grandmother and Reverend Wright when it suited him. I believe that Turkey will lead off in attacking Israel, to be followed in rapid succession by Hezbollah/Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Hamas, Egypt, and perhaps Libya and any other crackpot Muslim dictatorships. Support will come from Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, otherStans, and left-wing lunatics in Europe and the U.S. Israel's enemies certainly have the support of Obama's foreign policy predecessor/muse, James Earl Carter, Jr.

I don't think that this would happen this year except for the new involvment of Turkey. Whatever Turkey's motive, from its newfound Islamic solidarity to resurrection of the barbaric Ottoman Empire, it has established itself as the lead hyena opposing Israel. This radically changes the dynamic for Europe and the U.S. for war in the Middle East. Previously, Europe and the U.S. would have no conflict in providing aid to Israel, as Harry Truman did in the late 1940's and Richard Nixon did in 1973, if Israel were to be attacked by its foes.

Now we have NATO member Turkey threatening Israel and unresponsive to pleadings from Obama to calm down. Prime Minister Erdogan appears to be testing the waters with his sponsorship of Turkish terrorists against Israel, sponsorship of vessels to challenge Israel's justified blockade of Gaza, severing ties with Israel, and increasing threats against Israel. Erdogan wants to see where Obama stands when it is a contest between America's old friend Israel and NATO-alliance member Turkey.

Will Obama come to the defense of Israel? Will Obama reveal our commitments to defend Israel? Will he even condemn Turkey's actions? What will Obama do about America's commitments to NATO members when one member, Turkey, is clearly the malevolent aggressor against Israel? Will Obama help NATO member Turkey? These questions, and many more, apply to the European democracies as well.

Turkey can already count on the European powers to stay out of the conflict. Most of the European countries are useless militarily and will not fulfill obligations under NATO without strong urging from the U.S. That means that NATO members in Europe will probably not get involved either for or against Turkey without Obama taking a leadership role. Europe will make commercial sales of anything Turkey wants, as Europeans have a long history of making profits out of selling arms to their enemies. As far as militarily, Europe will not get involved under NATO because the spineless Obama will not demand it.

That leaves Turkey to worry about the Americans. Erdogan has noted that Obama and his administration are hostile to Israel and do not hold the so-called palestinians accountable for their violence. Erdogan has also noticed that Obama is decidedly friendly to Islamic interests out of proportion to, and often in opposition to, the American national interest. What Erdogan has to consider is whether Obama represents the political winds in America, or if he is an aberration which will disappear in the face of American support for Israel. The former would support war with Israel, the latter would not.

Turkey's increasingly hostile actions towards Israel indicates that Prime Minister Ergogan has made his call. I believe that Erdogan has chosen war. I also believe that Obama will initially do nothing but bow and talk, but that one way or another we will end up involved in this war. I don't know whether this will be a global conflagration, but it sure has the potential for it.

Time to prep, prep, and prep some more. Although I have high hopes for paring back the Democrats in November, that may be too late. Unless Turkey backs off from its agression towards Israel, war is imminent.

P.S. If I seem to be pro-Israel, that would be a correct reading. I believe Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself. No country should have to endure the assaults and terrorism that Israel endures on a daily basis. The idea that Israel has so-called palestinians under siege is ridiculous. If the so-called palestinians want peace, they should renounce violence, recognize Israel, and put word to deed by actually living in peace with Israel.

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  1. Good post! I hope your wrong.