Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Road Again, or, The Best Justice Having a Famous Nephew Can Buy

Uncle Obama is on the road, again.  Onyango Obama, uncle to President Barack Hussein Obama, has been granted a hardship driver's license by the State of Massachusetts after numerous arrests and convictions for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Indeed, his last arrest was for a blood alcohol level of 0.14, nearly double the legal limit in Massachusetts and most states.

Illegal immigrant Obama, 67, appealed for the limited driver's license because, he claimed, he would not be able to make it to work as a liquor store manager without one.  I don't know about Massachusetts, but here in the People's Republic of the Other Washington (PROW), obtaining a "hardship" license during a period of mandatory license suspension is very difficult.  An applicant must demonstrate a verifiable hardship in which the ONLY remedy would be the granting of a provisional driver's license only for driving to and from work.

The state of Massachusetts must be a terribly screwed up place these days, as I can readily spot a number of reasons why Mr. Obama would have problems in PROW.  First, working in a liquor store, even under the newly created private liquor stores in PROW, is a licensed activity.  Being in the country illegally would disqualify him from being licensed (but would qualify him for a job with Governor "Tapeworm" Gregoire).  Second, being convicted of a driving under the influence offense would at the least result in a suspension of his license and disqualify him from being licensed or having his license renewed.  And third, he likely would not be getting a provisional license if he did not have a job, could walk to work, could ride the bus to work, or even if the cost of a taxi did not create a hardship.

As Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said, "When we start to interpret these laws differently and manipulate them the way we want them to work for certain people, we start to send a mixed message to people that the law doesn’t really matter."

In other words, Uncle Obama received the best justice that having a famous nephew can buy.

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