Friday, June 29, 2012

Why I Don't Use Google Shopping

Google Shopping, like eBay, has gone down the PC road of removing gun-related merchandise from the shopping experience.  Actually, Google Shopping's new rules for product placement make eBay look like a sporting goods warehouse.  A lot of gun-related items are still available on eBay.

Ever since Google revised its privacy policy earlier this year, I refuse to use them as a search engine and have added their shopping service to my "do not use list."

For a quick and easy example of why I will not use Google Shopping, try the following.

1)  Go to;
2)  Click on the tab "More", then click on "Shopping";
3)  Type "Ammunition" in the search box and hit "Enter";
4)  See result;
5)  Next, type "gay sex toys" in the search box and hit "Enter".
6)  Case closed.

Yahoo Search and Yahoo Shopping seem to be a lot more gun-neutral, in my opinion.

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