Monday, August 20, 2012

Sen. Scott Brown, please STFU! & Hang In There, Todd Akin!

Sen. Scott Brown needs to shut the f**k up.  Or at least put his energies into defeating the fake Indian* running against him for the Massachusetts senate seat.

So, Todd Akin, running on the Republican ticket for senator from Missouri against Democrat Claire McCaskill, inartfully stated that he is concerned about a life that is created from a woman being raped.  That's what I got out of Akin's poor choice of words, certainly not as bad as "Sheriff Joe" Biden telling black folks that Romney wants to put them back in chains.

Akin never said that he supported rape or rapists.  He fudged on the issue of aborting a human life created from the crime of rape.  Not an easy question to answer.  If one is truly pro-life, then a life created from rape is still a viable and valuable human life.  No woman is denigrated, nor is the crime of rape tolerated, when a human life is exonerated from death by abortion following a rape.

Senator Brown has called on Todd Akin to resign the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Missouri.  Senator Brown should be ashamed of himself for pandering to the left rather than coming to the defense of a conservative on the issue of human life, a conservative who is sorely needed to take back control of the U.S. Senate from the anti-life, anti-producer Democratic Party.

Senator Brown should resign the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.  I would rather have fake Indian*, genuine Democrat Elizabeth Warren win than have another fake Republican (RINO) like Scott Brown.

I have similar reservations about Mitt Romney, but am willing to give him a little more leeway because we absolutely need to show Barack Obama the door on November 6, 2012.  Still, Mitt should also be ashamed of himself for attacking Todd Akin.

*I have 1,000,000 times more Cherokee ancestry than Elizabeth Warren, so I feel comfortable in referring to her as a fake Indian.


  1. I'm voting for Elizabeth Warren. Only because Scottie is a god dam liar. He took tea party support and money and after election he lied about the support he got from them. He went to Washington to change things

    Plus I feel bad for his wife he likes to be with the ladies when is wife not around.

  2. Anonymous:

    If your standard is, "I'm not voting for a liar", then you should not vote for Elizabeth Warren. Being a fake Indian is being a liar. But she will "keep you on the reservation" if elected.

    If your issue is with the Tea Party, then I don't wonder why you live in the People's Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts. People who abhor economic and personal freedom have to congregate somewhere. Might as well be Taxachusetts.