Tuesday, March 31, 2009

News From Washington, Den of Communists

I recently received an email dispatch from the Honorable Patty Murray, United States Senator for the People's Banana Republic of the Other Washington. Some excerpts:

Investing in Washington State: Addressing Local Needs, Creating Local Jobs

Earlier this month, I helped pass vitally important spending legislation that includes millions in funding for projects throughout Washington state. At a critical time, the projects in the bill will help to create and protect jobs in our state and address the needs of many communities. With our economy ailing, I believe it’s important to bring federal funding back to Washington state to invest in job-creating projects in our own backyard.


Media: The Closing of the Seattle PI After 146 Years

On March 17th, on its last day of publication, I took to the floor of the Senate to speak about the closing of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. For generations, journalists have been the ones to break the hard stories and root out corruption in government. It is clear by the closing of the PI and newspaper cutbacks throughout the country that our media is facing a crisis. I’m deeply saddened by the closing of the PI after 146 years and I will miss it greatly. – Details |

“Fewer newspapers means weaker democracy, Murray tells Senate”
– The Bellingham Herald


AIG: Give Up Your Bonuses or We Will Take Them

On March 19th, I joined nine other Senators to send a letter to AIG executives warning them to either give up their bonuses or prepare for Congress to tax them to no value. I firmly believe that the use of taxpayer-funded rescue dollars to give lavish bonuses to the very executives who caused many of the problems in our finance system is indefensible. - Details

I don't believe that tripe like this should go unchallenged. I am sick and tired of politicians "putting a shine" on their latest efforts to do nothing more than ensure their own reelection by the proletariat. Thus, my response:

Are you nuts?

First of all, regarding your stance on AIG, you are DEAD WRONG regarding AIG bonuses. As distasteful as those bonuses are, YOU voted to preserve the bonuses. Your ignorance and failure to read legislation is no excuse. In this country we also have constitutional guarantees against ex post facto laws and bills of attainder. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE? Maybe the Constitutional scholar Obama can enlighten you. Those bonuses were matters of contract that predated any of the Porkulus bills. What authority does the legislature have to redetermine the provisions of private contracts? YOU SHOULD LOOK THIS UP BEFORE YOU PROPOSE OR VOTE ON ANY OTHER LEGISLATION.

Second, regarding return of tax dollars to Washington, how about taking FEWER tax dollars from Washington State? Why will my children and grandchildren have to pay for YOUR FAILURE to restrain spending? WE CANNOT AFFORD THE MONEY THAT YOU ARE SPENDING. SOMEONE MUST PAY FOR THE PORK, AND DON'T TELL ME THAT TAXING THE RICH WILL SOLVE THE BUDGET DEFICIT. You have voted to give money to big corporations which has resulted in very little, if any, return to the average working-class taxpayer such as myself.

Third, and probably the least in consequence, were your remarks over the closing of the Seattle PI. The PI is out of business because it did not print what people wanted to read. If I want media to give me undiscriminating, glowing reviews of liberal boondoggles I don't even have to leave home because I can watch ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or MSNBC. Why should I buy a rag like the PI? There may be a loss to "democracy", but hardly a loss to the constitutional republic that this country used to be.

What this country needs are elected officials who take seriously their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution instead of wasting taxpayer money trying to curry favor with special interests in hopes of being re-elected forever. Some of you should put your country before your political career.


The Loyal Opposition

BTW, I did provide my name and address in my response to this poor excuse for an elected official.

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