Sunday, March 29, 2009

No More GM products for me...

Just read that the Chairman of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, is stepping down at the request of the Obummer administration. Mr. Wagoner, despite his failures in controlling labor costs and competing with foreign automakers, should only be subject to firing by the shareholders and board of directors. It is an affront to our free market and to our constitutional republic (No, Virginia, we are not a democracy) to have our new Marxist government dictate to private industry. I will never buy another GM product. So, Mr. Obummer, whatever money you now dump into GM, and even if GM does survive your experiment in Marxism, the result will not be yours truly buying a Chevrolet Volga.


  1. Nairb, Just checked out your blog. I was so mad at the CEO for just giving up I nearly lost it. I posted some of my thoughts on the whole event.

    I like your writing style. To the point no fillers. I notice you too are at your wits end with whats going on. If only we could turn back time say to 1956 or so. I was born then and at least we knew who our enemies were and the majority were in other countries. You have a great blog, just keep hoping for a better time it has to happen soon.
    Mark Kent

  2. Why "just hope"? Do something or just standby and watch it all go down the tubes.
    Nairb, I've been hard on you because I am tired of hoping our "representatives" would return to the Constitution. They ain't and have as much as said so by their actions.
    Next stop is to break the unions, right or wrong, it's going to happen. And the "investors" will get paid off by the "bail-out".

  3. YeOldFurt:
    I don't just hope, but I cannot go march in the streets either. I try to educate as many others as I can on what is going on, and I am finding a lot of converts once I get past the brainwashing they are getting and present facts. One problem I have is that I have certain ethical and legal obligations with the powers that be who issue my professional license. I don't want to seem like a "wuss", but I am doing what I can while I wait for the great awakening. We are just the start of a movement. I do thank you for your comment and I always hope to be open to constructive criticism.

  4. Nairb,
    OK, conceded point. However, what can you teach us from your vocation that could help us? Like classes maybe on what you know?