Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks, Gary Olen!

Had some time to spare today so I made a trip to the nearby Wally World to see if they had any ammo in stock. Same news as last week, no 9mm, no .38, no .357, no .45, and no bricks of .22. There was some .223, but the 100 and 200 packs had not come in yet.

I got home and looked around on the internet to see who had any. Bad news there, too. Almost nothing to be had, anywhere.

There was one semi-bright spot. Gary Olen's Sportsman's Guide did not have a lot in stock, but is allowing backorders and you can see when the item is estimated to arrive. The nice things about Sportsman's Guide are that their prices are reasonable, they don't charge your credit card until the item ships, their shipping prices are reasonable, and they don't double charge on shipping if items ship at different dates. Plus, they send a ten dollar discount coupon for your next order. I use the coupons religiously. I have backordered before and Sportsman's Guide has always honored the price from my order, even if the price went up substantially in the meantime.

Thanks, Gary Olen!

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