Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Saved or Created by Obummer

I tend to snicker whenever I read (and frequently do read) some boast by that idiot Obummer about the jobs that are supposedly saved or created by his economic Ponzi scheme. Anyone who believes that the government's Porkulus package has saved a single non-government or non-United Auto Workers job is an idiot who deserves to be taxed to death for emitting carbon dioxide.

A couple of months ago I ranted against Obummer raising tobacco taxes and opined that doing so would only hurt the poor. I also commented that because the new taxes would disproportionately affect the poor, it violated Obummer's pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000.00 per year.

Now we see that Obummer's new tax not only hurts the poor, but it puts Americans out of work. The company that makes Hav-a-Tampa cigars (cheap, machine-made, but made in America) is closing its Florida plant, putting 495 Americans out of work. I read the story in the Miami Herald.

When will this country finally wake up and say NO to these bullshit social engineering experiments? And yes, I do realize that the additional taxes are to fund the State Childrens Health Insurance Program. However, the source of funds is only temporary. As the State of Washington has found every time it raises tobacco taxes, the tax boon is short lived as people either cut down on use or find ways around paying the tax.

Now, I realize that smoking is bad. However, in keeping with my conservative, libertarian beliefs, I believe that it is personal choice whether to smoke or engage in any other bad habits (although I am firmly against legalizing hard drugs such as meth, cocaine, and heroin). Don't get in my face about my smokes, and I won't torch your jumbo-size bag of Doritos.

We are about to engage in social engineering on a scale that even Hitler, Stalin, and Mao could only envy. From state-run health insurance, government-run car companies, the socialist restructuring of the financial sector, to the hysteria over "global warming" and "green living" we are being herded up like cattle (OK, sheeple) and put in a pen for a managed existence. And to what societal cost? Do people even realize what freedoms are being flushed down the toilet so they can have cradle-to-grave care and "free" asswiping from the Obamanation? How many freedoms, and how many lost jobs, will it take before people reject this crap? The flushing sound just keeps getting louder and louder. It just makes me sick thinking about it.

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