Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Socialist Pigs Seek to Disarm Us

The bastardly Obummer administration is at it again. Another attempt to disarm us. After getting its toe burned off testing the waters of gun control, the New National Socialist Party (Why not? The Obummerites hate Jews* and seek to disarm the population. Shades of 1938) has set its sights a bit lower: pocketknives.

Specifically, the Obummer administration is seeking to redefine the concept of a "switchblade" knife to include assisted-opening and one-hand-opening knives. But wait, they tell us, they only want to ban the importation of assisted-opening and one-hand-opening knives. Those very few remaining American knife manufacturers can go about their business as usual, we are only after those evil, imported knives. The Obummerites propose to do this by changing the importation rules for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Did I earlier say "shades of 1938"? How about shades of 1989? I am old enough to remember when Bush the Elder (but not wiser) banned imported semi-automatic rifles by executive order. Oh, not to worry, Dear American Citizen, the purpose was to ban only those evil, imported rifles. Then 1994, and the cravenly misnamed "Assault Weapons Ban" went into affect. Our right to own semi-automatic rifles suitable for rebelling against an oppressive government was seriously infringed for TEN YEARS. Ceding any rights whatsoever to government control is the beginning of the slippery slope to losing all rights.

I would like to congratulate Congressman Walt Minnick D-ID for his efforts to fight the Obummer administration's attempts to disarm Americans. I have noticed his efforts because his district is only a few miles from my hometown. Rep. Minnick has valiantly fought the administration's plans and continues to fight for law abiding knife owners. If Rep. Minnick gives as much effort to fighting the Obummer administration's gun ban efforts, he will have earned my respect. I will be watching to see if he caves in to the Democrappic party line.

We should all be monitoring our representatives on this issue, as I believe that the Obummerites are testing the waters for future disarming of the populace. While many have focused on the Second Amendment being a gun issue, guns are only one type of arms. We need to be on the lookout for the Obummerites finding other ways to thwart the Constitution. I believe that the proposed knife ban is just such an attempt.

Bottom line: The Obummer administration fears us. It is not the first administration to fear its Constitutional master. It is, however, the most conniving in its attempts to disarm its master. Government wants us to live in fear, so that we can be controlled. It is high time to turn the tables back and run this country the way our founders intended.

*Obummer's kowtowing and apologizing to every repressive Muslim regime while selling out Israel is all the proof I need that the Obummer administration hates Jews.

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