Sunday, November 15, 2009

EyeWitless News

Is cannibalism in our future?

I read a news article yesterday in which three homeless men in Russia have been arrested for murdering, butchering, eating, and selling the flesh of another man. Ordinarily, I would think that this is only a few wackos with LSD in their bong water. Put it in the perspective of current economic conditions, and it is food for thought. We have anxiety over food shortages, job losses and inability to buy food when it is available, potential and actual homelessness, and the breakdown of both morality and willingness to obey the law.

When the Schumer does hit the fan, just how far will desperate people go to survive? Just how depraved will people be? Read this news article yourself and consider the future:

Body Parts Sold to Kebab Stand, Police Say: Three Russians also suspected of killing man, eating parts themselves.

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