Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Young'uns and Veterans Day

Yesterday my little one, eight years old, asked me what Veterans Day meant. Seems the school doesn't explain it too well. She thought it was a sad day and wondered why we celebrate it. She was also sad that she was not able to bring a Veteran family member to school as some other kids did.

I explained to her that her Veterans were with her always: my father, who served in WWII; my grandfathers, who served in WWI, WWII, and Korea; and her Opa, who served in Vietnam. They are all gone now, but we honor their memory and their sacrifices and feel that they are always with us.

I also explained that Veterans Day is not a day for sadness. Rather, it is a day to celebrate the lives of brave men who thought our country is so great that they were willing to sacrifice all for her. And that some did indeed give their lives for us to enjoy our freedom in this great country.

God bless the children.

Happy Veterans Day to all.

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