Monday, January 25, 2010

Saw "The Book of Eli"

Went to see "The Book of Eli" Saturday night with my daughter. I read some reviews on a couple of "survivalist" forums and decided I had to see it. I took my eight-year-old with me, was a little concerned about the "R" rating due to violence, but not terribly bad for the amount of violence. A couple of attempted rapes, but no nudity or completion of the scene. She enjoyed the movie and it helped her to understand a bit more about why I store extra food and supplies.

The Christian theme in the movie is not overstated, but runs throughout. Non-Christians might not enjoy this movie because the main character, Eli, carries the word of God and is guided by Him throughout the movie.

I give this movie a thumbs-up. It is somewhat violent, escapist, and implausible at times. However, Eli is likeable and leads one to admire him for his quest to bring his book to "the West" where it is needed. Some elements of the plot are obvious from the beginning, such as who is good and who is evil. Other elements are revealed in good time. And the ending contains a couple of interesting twists and an appropriate comeuppance for the villain.

My favorite line: When the young woman who accompanies Eli on his quest asks about how the world was before the apocalypse, Eli says something to the effect, "They threw away things that people kill each other for now." An interesting epitaph for our times.

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