Saturday, January 9, 2010

U.S. to Israel: Agree to Your Own Destruction or We Cut Aid

That's not exactly what was said, but that is what Komrade Obama's envoy for Mohammedan ass-kissing, George Mitchell, has effectively said to Israel.

The U.S. is threatening to cut aid to Israel if it does not advance the so-called "peace process". Story here. This "peace process" largely involves Israel surrendering territory to the so-called Palestinians (in reality just another group of Mohammedan Arabs), rendering Israel vulnerable to continuing attacks by these Arabs.

Take a look at the peace plans being put forward by the other Mohammedan Arab nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This is similar to the plan the Saudis came up with years ago, and previously rejected by Israel. To agree with such a plan, Israel would be agreeing to national suicide.

The history of this peace process, dating back to Mohammed "Yasser" Arafat's taqiyya of the mid-1970's, has been that the Israeli's make offers and concessions, then the Mohammedan Arab Palestinians concede nothing except empty promises, and then attack Israel again and again.

Notably, the U.S. has provided at least $600,000,000.00 in foreign aid to the Fatah-conrolled Palestinian Authority and $300,000.00 in humanitarian aid to Gaza. Story here. Gaza is of course controlled by Hamas, a U.S.-declared terrorist organization, so the aid cannot be given directly to Hamas. Hamas, of course, will get its hands on the money, no doubt about that. Neither Hamas nor Fatah have renounced their previous calls for the destruction of Israel.

Both Fatah and Hamas are engaged nearly continually in hostile actions towards Israel. Neither has contributed in any significant way to the "peace process". Neither has made any concessions. Both continue to stand around waiting for handouts from the Israelis and the U.S.

Komrade Obama's Second Carter Administration is just as anti-semitic as it's 1977-1981 predecessor. Komrade Obama demands that Israel make advances (read as "concessions") to the Mohammedan Arab Palestinian's or risk losing U.S. aid. After we have given $900,000,000.00 in aid to people sworn by their "religion" to destroy the Jews and, by extrapolation Israel, where is the similar demand on the Mohammedan Arab Palestinian to advance the "peace process"? Where are the Obamic demands for Mohammedan Arab Palestinian concessions? Where are the Obamic demands for the Mohammedan Arab Palestinians to renounce violence and disarm?

Komrade Obama claims that he wants lasting peace in the middle east. Either Obama is ignorant of the taqiyya being practiced by the Mohammedan Arab Palestinians, or is committing taqiyya himself. I believe it is the latter, as Obama's ass-kissing of every Mohammedan he can find tells me that the only "peace" Obama seeks is that of the Umma. In the Umma, you are either a Mohammedan, a Dhimmi, or dead.

Why be concerned? Israel has been squeezed by The Second Carter Administration since its inception last year. A friend of mine with intelligence connections is certain that Israel is feeling very insecure, and is very impatient with the Obama administration. He says that the Israeli kowtowing to Obama is to show that Israel made every reasonable concession prior to taking military action against Iran and perhaps any of it new allies. Expect Israel to take action within the next month or so.

This could be the flashpoint for the beginning of the end.

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