Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hideout of the Fourteen Cowards

Fourteen Cowards, otherwise known as democrat senators from Wisconsin, have gone into hiding rather than do their elected duty as senators for their Wisconsin districts.  They oppose a bill supported by Governor Walker, which would limit the collective bargaining rights of public servants, but do not have the courage to show up and oppose the bill.

Here are the names of the Fourteen Cowards:

Jon Erpenbach
Jim Holperin
Robert Wirch
Tim Carpenter
Lena Taylor
Tim Cullen
Mark Miller
Julie Lassa
Robert Jauch
Fred Risser
Dave Hansen
Kathleen Vineout
Spencer Coggs
Randy Hopper

Here's where they are hiding:

Best Western Clock Tower Resort
7801 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61108
Telephone: (815)398-6000
Fax: (815)229-4032

Wisconsin residents, particularly those represented by the Fourteen Cowards, should call the Clock Tower Resort to speak to their cowardly senators, or should fax their disapproval to their cowardly senators.

If any Wisconsinites are serious about taking back their state from the blood-sucking leeches of the public employees' unions, some protesting at the Clock Tower Resort wouldn't hurt.

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