Monday, February 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

"DHS is a honey pot for political preeners, unpromotable time-servers, affirmative action misfits and well-mannered sociopaths. In other words, it's a badly led catch basin for the otherwise unemployable. It's extraordinarily well funded and well equipped even by D.C. standards. It has a nearly unlimited mandate and the powers to go with it. Even so, it excels only at pratfalls and conspicuous incompetence. DHS is "predictably unpredictable" and dangerously so. It's an aimless but determined malevolency lurching between imagined threats and self-created crises, issuing and retracting bizarre directives as they go. FEMA and TSA are two of their outfits. Enough said. What they offer, you don't want. You'll have no emergency so dire they won't make it worse. Wariness isn't enough, dodge any—any—avoidable contact."

Ol' Remus, Woodpile Report issue number 203, on Reichsfuhrer Incompetano's Department of Homeland Security.

Could not have said it better myself.  If you have not, read the whole thing.

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