Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update to Kel-Tec Customer Service Experience

Back in mid-April I wrote a favorable post about Kel-Tec customer service.  I found myself in need of a magazine catch for my Sub2000 rifle and contacted customer service, inquiring as to how I could buy the replacement magazine catch.  Until somewhat recently, the item had been available for purchase in the Kel-Tec website store.  For some reason it is no longer listed in the store, so I made contact with Kel-Tec through their website email.

I received a prompt reply stating that the magazine catch would be mailed to me at no charge.  I thought this was great service, and wrote a blog post to that effect.  I think I was premature in lauding Kel-Tec's service.

On April 20, 2011 I received an envelope from Kel-Tec.  It contained a pair of front sights for a pistol.  Not what I requested.  I sent a follow up email to Kel-Tec and received a reply that the magazine catch would be mailed to me.  So I waited.  Two weeks after that I sent a follow-up email to Kel-Tec stating that I had not received the magazine catch.  I received a reply stating that the magazine catch had been mailed to me, but another one would be sent out.  That was on May 4, 2011.

Yesterday I decided that I was tired of playing the email game and sent a letter explaining my wait and offering to purchase the magazine catch.  I also sent a check to cover about twice the cost of the part (from my recollection) and postage.  I hope that I actually get the part I need.

I have owned a number of their firearms over the years and have generally been satisfied with the quality for the price paid.  I am not so sure now about their customer service.  I still like my Kel-Tecs and have no plans on selling any of them, and I am not discouraging anyone from buying Kel-Tec.  I do think that I will make a list of any parts I might need in the future and prospectively place my orders for those parts.

I will post an update when and if I get the part I ordered.

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