Thursday, September 9, 2010

Incinerating Book of Moon God to Cause Man-Made Disasters

By now we all know about the plans of Dove World Outreach Center to burn a Koran on September 11, 2010 and all of the controversy surrounding it.  The Moon God followers, including the one in the White House and his minion in charge of the Afghanistan war, are going bananas.  Jeez, I had been brainwashed by the liberals to believe that burning flags and holy books and pissing on Jesus was my Constitutional right.  Now they are telling me that burning the Mohammedan holy book is a terrible think that should be forbidden.  If I have to put up with idiots desecrating my beliefs, the idiots should have to put up with desecration of theirs and that of their strange Mohammedan bedfellows.

I just finished reading the Effa Bee Eye Jacksonville Division Intelligence Bulletin regarding the Koran burning.  The Effa Bee Eye describes Dove as "a New Testament Church with a controversial past".  Why in the hell does this matter?  Dove, its leaders, and its parishioners have a Constitutional right to burn Korans every day of the week if they want to.  It is interesting that the Effa Bee Eye uses the label "New Testament" rather than say that Dove is full of Christians.   Next, they will be a "man-made, non-man observing congregational institution".

The Effa Bee Eye is worried about the Dove World Outreach Center event because it has "high confidence that, as with past incidents perceived as acts of desecration against Islam, extremist actors will continue to threaten or attempt to harm the leaders, organizers, or attendees (of) the event".  The Effa Bee Eye identifies two such threats, derived from open source intelligence (means they looked it up on the internet):  Two online threats posted on known extremist Web site “al-Faloja”.  One threat exposes a desire by the poster to detonate himself in the Dove church.  The other, by Abu Aulayman al-Nasir, threatens to kill "tens of you in place of every letter in the book of Allah".

Instead of fretting over one church's exercise of its Constitutional right of free expression, why doesn't the Effa Bee Eye track down the persons making those threats?  I have not seen or heard of any news coverage indicating the Effa Bee Eye is investigating any of these threats.  In my mind, the threats of a bunch of inflamed Moon God worshippers is less of a worry than the government's negative attitude toward a Christian church exercising its right to freedom of expression, and the message sent to Mohammedans that their threats of violence against non-Mohammedans is warranted, expected, and tolerated.

Instead of playing the worrywart over the threatened actions of insane jihadists and slandering a church exercising its Constitutional rights, the Effa Bee Eye should be a defender of freedom.  The Effa Bee Eye should turn its predilection towards disproportionate use of force against Americans onto those who threaten the freedoms of Americans.  Then the jihadists might begin to understand that we will not submit to their assault on our God-given rights.


  1. Glad I found your blog! Keep up the great work!!

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  2. The whole country is upside down.