Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pringles as Survival Food?

My camping trip a few weeks ago gave me the chance to use and evaluate a few newer pieces of equipment, which I still need to write about.  However, I think I made a discovery (at least for me) about a possible survival comfort food.  For those of you who hate Pringles potato crisps, you can stop reading now.

In September 2008 I went on a family camping trip.  As I usually do, I packed some comfort foods to snack on.  Part of the snack supply was two cans of Pringles.  One regular chips, the other cheddar cheese flavor.

I have been taking my time cleaning out the camper after the last trip, and last weekend I discovered the two cans of Pringles in a cabinet behind a bunch of plastic plates and cups we really don't use.  After sitting in the camper through two Eastern Washington winters and two summers, I had my doubts that they would be edible.  The expiration dates were in November 2009, but I don't pay a lot of attention to these.  I was more concerned about the extremes in weather and the possibility of the oils turning rancid and moisture working its way into the containers.

Not to fear.  I have opened both cans of Pringles and both taste just fine.  I have been snacking on the regular chips for a couple of days now and I am having the cheese flavor with my sandwich for lunch.

If Pringles can survive two years of the weather extremes out in the camper, I wonder how long they will last inside the house, where the temperature never gets above 75 degrees.  Rotated on a first in, first out basis, it appears that Pringles would make a good survival comfort food.

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