Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dollar Store Food...

The local dollar store turns out to be good for something besides watered-down dish soap, throwaway tools, and crappy toys.

I try to save money everywhere I can, and this applies to my survival prepping as well. I have been storing away beans, rice, and other foodstuffs for a while now, but I am always on a budget. I had been buying rice at WallyWorld because it was $3.48 for a five pound bag. Then I found two pound bags of rice at the local dollar store for, you guessed it, $1.00 a bag. Significantly cheaper than WallyWorld. It is from Thailand and has some discolored grains in it, but otherwise appears OK. I doubt my stomach will know the difference between Thai rice and any other if I am starving enough to have to break into my stash someday.

Also, I have found their cans of soup to be pretty good for $1.00. I eat lunch in the office a lot, which is often a can of soup. I wouldn't say that dollar store soup is as good as Chunky $2.69 a can soup, but it ain't that far off. The brands I have bought there were Nalley's, Riviera, and Thank You brands, all made by Birdseye Foods. I keep some in my SHTF stash. As long as I have a can opener and a propane torch, I can have a hot meal.

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  1. This post on the $ store is great. I shop there often and thrift stores too. Most would be surprised at what they will find there. People seem to think that they have nothing for them there(more money than common sense). Far from the truth. You can get most anything you might need in a pinch there. I get things like those new type of light bulbs, duct tape, tools I made need only once, canned food, cookies! and more. If my kid has a project I get everything there. I even get old movies I like for a Buck. Here we have no sales tax so its really only a dollar. Forgot to mention my reading glasses come from there. Once saw the sheet that listed the prices they pay for some of this stuff, average was about 25 cents or so. Great profit margin and a bargain for us too. Thanks again for the post. Mark Kent