Monday, February 16, 2009

Why I'm doing this....

I just made the first post to this, my brand-new blog. Although I don't expect that anyone will be reading this, I thought that I should explain why I am doing what I am doing. One day, I may need to remind myself why I started writing.

I am just sick and tired of watching this country waste away. I have had it with wienies telling me that my rights are subservient to the special interest group of the day. Likewise with the idea that I should have to give up rights to make other people feel comfortable and included. I have the right to speak my mind, and I intend to do it here.

Like some other bloggers I read every day, I believe conditions in this country are such that some kind of societal upheaval is on its way. I don't know if it will be the current economic depression, some other internal strife, or outside forces. Whatever it may be, I started prepping a few years ago so that my family and I can be somewhat self-sufficient on that fateful day when the power is off, the water stops running, and the stores are closed.

To me, all of the above boils down to writing about guns, politics, survival, and the decline of civilization which is the modern era. These are the topics with which I perpetually annoy those around me. Now they can have some time off.....

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