Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Apologist for Islamic Fascism bans Michael Savage from Britain

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, apologist for Islamic Fascism, banned Michael Savage from entering the United Kingdom.

I don't agree with Michael Savage on a number of things, particularly his recently announced opinion against "assault weapons", but I support his right to say what is on his mind.

Britain has no freedom of speech guarantee in its constitution. Britain's constitution also fails to guarantee some of the basic rights taken for granted by Americans. Britain's banning of Mr. Savage should remind us of why we declared independence from that increasingly wretched country.

Now would be the time for Obummer to really give Prime Minister Gordon Brown the snub, except that the Second Carter Administration may be behind the ban. Read Joseph Farah's commentary at World Net Daily.

If Britain's treatment of Michael Savage is an indication of how adrift Britain has become from freedom of expression, it is time to cut ties with the English-speaking banana republic.

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