Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pavlov Drives a Taco Truck


Anyone remember Pavlov's dog? You know, the one that would salivate whenever Ivan Pavlov rang a bell? Pavlov gave the dog a snack whenever Pavlov rang the bell. After a while, the dog expected a snack when he heard the bell ring, and started salivating at the sound.

Fast food vendors have applied high technology to the concept. It seems a fleet of Korean taco trucks has come up with the idea of Twittering its customers to let them know when the taco trucks will be in the area. Like Pavlov's dog, the Twitterees start salivating for the snack. Apparently ringing the Twitter bell has been quite successful for the taco trucks.

Read the Newsmax story.

It does, however, make me wonder a bit about the state of our society. What other things can the sheeple be programmed to do at the ring of the Twitter bell?

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