Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Deal on 9mm Ammo

My favorite 9mm round is the Federal 9BP 115g JHP. An oldie but goody, so to speak. Not a +P round, but I don't like +P because it is too hard on the smaller nine pistols and has more recoil than my regular practice rounds. The 9BP will feed in just about any nine, has a history of decent "stopping power", and has little muzzle flash.

For a while there I thought that I was not going to be buying Federal ammo anymore. This was a personal choice due to their dirty dealings over scrapping once-fired military brass. Apparently the parent company, ATK, has changed their ways recently.

Anyway, Cheaper than Dirt has 50 round boxes of 9BP for $19.59 a box. Twenty round boxes retail for the same price where I live, when they are available. The CTD price, from what I can tell, can't be beat. As of this writing, it is in stock, item number AMM-4061.

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