Friday, April 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Obama has made it crystal clear for even the most avidly self-duping progressive: He will murder his fellow citizens without trial or evidence if he sees fit. The state can murder whom it pleases. This is the system we have. This is what you support when you support Barack Obama.... If you support Obama now, in this, then there is no crime he can commit that you will not support. And thus you become one of those people that we all used to puzzle over, the accomodationists to brutal tyranny: `How did all those people go along with the Nazis? Why wasn't there more opposition to Stalin? How could they countenance all those obvious abominations? What kind of people were they?' Now you know. They were you. You are them."

Chris Floyd, in "The Accomodationists: Memo to Liberals on the White House Death Warrants".

My comment: This is a deadly important issue. If Obama can order the murder of an American citizen overseas, no matter how odious the character of that citizen, what is to stop him from murdering citizens here in the USA?

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