Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Could be a Good Year

If we have elections this fall.

Former President and Cumspotter-in-Chief Bill Clinton has come out against groups standing up for Constitutional government. Clinton refers to them as "Hatriot" groups. Read it here. Of course, Clinton, like most lawyers turned politicians, could not be mistaken for a Constitutional scholar.

I think this bodes well for the anti-Democrat movement in the upcoming election. Historically, Bill Clinton has rarely, if ever, boosted a Democrat to victory. Just about every time 'ole Bill has been trotted out to rescue some Democrat in trouble, the Democrat has lost. I believe that this November will have more of the same. The Democratic Party should pay Clinton overtime to stump for as many of their ilk as humanly possible.

Other good news is the poll from the New York Times and CBS News, two bastions of liberal idiocy and Obamania. The poll reports that 52% of the public believes that Obama is moving us towards socialism. That is great in itself, as it shows that some Kool-Aid drinkers must be coming around. More interesting is the finding that 92% of Tea Party people agree with that 52% of the population, that the Tea Party members oppose Obama on policy principles, and that Tea Party members are wealthier, better educated, and more likely to vote. 97% are registered to vote.

What is most interesting about the poll is that the polltakers had to reduce consideration of Tea Party backers, because there was an "oversampling" of Tea Partiers in the telephone polling. The pollsters believed they had reached an artificially high number of Tea Partiers, and reduced their numbers and influence upon the results of the poll. I would expect this from liberal pollsters, I am only surprised that they admitted to doing it. The pollsters in all likelihood had a fair sampling, and the number of Tea Party supporters is likely higher than the pollsters reported.

This would mean: More than 52% believe Obama is taking us to socialism. More than 52% would prefer a smaller, less intrusive federal government to a larger one. More than 50% think that Obama has expanded government too much in trying to deal with the recession. More than 51% believe the economy would have improved without the bailouts. None of this is good news for Obama's minions running for re-election.

The Obocrats are in deep doo-doo. This could be a good year.

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