Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anniversary of a Leftist Massacre

Yesterday marked the 16th anniversary of the massacre of 43 innocent men, women, and children fleeing the totalitarian regime of Cuba's Fidel Castro in a tugboat bound for freedom in the United States. Originally there were 72 men, women, and children, but Cuban patrol boats rammed the tug and mowed down the civilians with a water cannon, sending all but 29 to a watery grave. Only through the intervention of a passing Greek freighter were there any survivors. The survivors were captured and punished by the Castro regime.

Read Humberto Fontova's story here.

Remember that the Castro regime is idolized by liberals. This is an example of what liberals find to be acceptable behavior from a leftist government. This is what you will get if you allow the Marxist Obamacrats to remain in power.

You were warned.

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