Sunday, July 11, 2010

Legal Survival No. 2: Avoid "Day of Reckoning" Nonsense

First of all, I don't prep just for some cataclysmic end-of-the-world event where the U.S. government will fail and I get my chance to play Mad Max in the post-apocalyptic world. I prep because situations can happen in which I must be reliant upon myself for surival. These range from power outages to the collapse of Western Civilization.

Speaking of the collapse of Western Civilization, it is clear to anyone with two brains cells working at the same time that Western Civilization is in the process of imploding. The reasons are far too numerous to discuss in a blog post. Aside from the pervasive intrusions into our God-given liberty by our supposedly representative federal government, our government has reached the point where it cannot pay out the spoils that the citizens have voted themselves from the public treasury. The last act in this farce will be when the Gub'mint credit card is declined.

Many states, counties, and municipalities face a similar fate. Similar, and not identical, only because states, counties, and municipalities do not have the ability to print money. Any government can borrow with the consent of its constituents. Most have borrowed and/or run up deficits beyond the ability of a vindictive, spurned ex-wife at the casino with the ex-husband's wallet and credit cards. And all with the consent of the governed. After all, 52% of the country voted for Barack Hussein Obama, including a majority of non-felons who were born in the United States and actually voted their own ballot. In my own state, in the last two elections a majority of voters chose the libtard Christine Gregoire for governor, including 100% of the convicted-felon, post-vivos, incapacitated, non-citizen, and non-existent (also known as ACORN-registered) voters.

Now, finally, I am able to get to the point. I have been reading some posts indicating that in this collapse cycle and/or revolution there will be a day of reckoning for government employees, at the hands of liberty-loving citizens. There is some disagreement on targets: It ranges from only politicians and judges and others who have been direct participants in destroying liberty/the constitution/the republic, to all government employees. By the way, all elected officials and appointees (even judges) are government (or public) employees.

This idea that any government employees should be targeted, unless they are directly threatening you or your family, is nonsense. Despite the encroachment of the FedGov on our liberties, we are not at war and are not even close to being at war, no matter how much "tyrannical government" hyperbole is drawn up. We still have something that was unavailable to the colonists in 1776: We can vote to change our government. The government we have was voted into power by the citizens; this government and its abuses are what the collective citizenry voted for and apparently wants. An opportunity exists in November 2010 to change the government, and towards that purpose I recommend voting out every politician who has crapped on the Constitution. That means just about every Democrat, Republican, Independent, and other affiliated politician serving in Congress, state legislatures, governorships, county commissions, and city councils across the country. Yes, we do have a bill of grievances to be resolved, but if we want change we must use our votes first.

Despite my declaration that we are not at war with the government and no where close to being at war, the government has passed laws and taken actions which may reasonably be interpreted by free citizens as increasing the power of the government at the expense of individual liberty. As a free citizen I do take offense at such laws and actions by the government and I do believe that free citizens do have grievances against this currently extra-Constitutional government which need redress.

I know that many have lost confidence in the power of the vote to change the government from its liberty-destroying path. I recall an exchange I had with Ye Old Furt about what I can do with my vocation to help others in the prepping community. I am not a gunsmith, millwright, farmer, military tactician, or other profession which may be inherently useful in a post-government, post-collapse/apocalypse world. I do, however, have legal knowledge that I can pass on to others in order to help those of us in the "liberty movement" and to convert others to the cause. Our founding fathers invested much time in appealing to the citizenry and seeking peaceful redress to grievances prior to targeting the government for revolution. We should do the same prior to taking up arms.

What I do on a regular basis is to talk to others I know and encounter about conditions in this country, how far we have strayed from the Constitution, what individual rights are recognized by the Constitution, and what we can do to change the government and restore liberty. What can you do? What do you do?

This topic has been simmering beneath the surface with me for some time. The main reason is that I see derogatory references from time-to-time, even from bloggers I respect such as Jim Dakin and Michael Boone, in regard to lawyers. Not all lawyers are cogs in the wheel of government oppression. Most are actually decent people, just as most travel-trailer dwelling survivalist types are decent people. I am a lawyer and I am getting a little tired of the over-generalizations about lawyers. I am especially tired of the oft-quoted, mis-contexted Shakespeare, "first thing we do, we kill all the lawyers", which was actually expressed by Dick the butcher in support of Jack Cade's socialistic revolution with Cade himself as dictator. So I naturally take offense at the idea that rank and file, non-lawmaking, non-policy-making government employees should be fair game.

I agree with M.D. Creekmore that government will not disappear in the event of a collapse or other cataclysm. Government will likely still exist, and will likely still be able to take care of anyone who moves to attack it. By definition of a revolution, the government will still exist in the event of a revolution. Attacks on government will be met with government action: persecution, prosecution, suicide by government agent, etc.

Besides the certainty of government action against anti-government action, there are other considerations of a more practical matter:

1) The inherent unconscionableness of attacking low-level, non-policymaking employees. Low-level employees are citizens and have friends and family just like almost everyone else. The public opinion backlash for attacking a low-level employee would be disastrous for the attacker(s) and harmful to the liberty movement.

2) Consistency would require attacking any person or entity that "feeds the beast". I am referring here to persons who have advocated all governmental employees as fair game because they have chosen to be a cog in the machine. So, any person who knowingly and willingly provides service or support to the oppressive government is a legitimate target, if we are to be consistent. Did you pay your taxes? If yes, put an "X" on your forehead. Did you provide service or materials to a goverment entity, even if it was just mowing the courthouse lawn? If yes, put an "X" on your forehead. Do you show up for work at a company that provides services or materials to a government entitiy? If yes, put an "X" on your forehead. Do you get a government check of any kind? If yes, put an "X" on your forehead. So what if you could go to prison for not paying taxes, or lose your home for not going to work, or starve to death if you don't cash the government check, but we are talking about principles of liberty here, which require such sacrifice.

3) There are too many liberty-loving, yet peaceful citizens who would be alarmed at the idea of attacking low-level government employees, and would turn in anyone who had even formulated a plan to do so. I am one of them.

4) There are a lot of government employees who are liberty-loving and armed citizens of this country. Just as any nut-job who thinks he is going to "kill all the lawyers" had better bring his own body bag when targeting me (mine are on backorder), he had better not ignore the fact that many government employees also believe in their right to keep and bear arms and to defend the life and liberty of themselves and their families.

I had not originally thought of making this a "Legal Survival" post, but I realized that I was due for another installment and that this is a perfect opportunity to pass on some legal information for preppers.

So here it is: Don't get any ideas of exacting retribution on government employees or that government employees are fair game in the coming revolution or efforts to restore the Constitutional Republic. The usual exceptions apply for defense of self and family, although you better be damn sure that you or your loved ones are in danger of imminent death or grave bodily injury. In the case of revolution or restoration of the republic, execution of those responsible for tyrannous acts would be proper only after due process of law. If you expect the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, make sure that you are prepared to guarantee that right for all citizens.


  1. Nairb,

    Great post, very well thought out. Yet if our vote could change a damn thing it would then be deemed illegal.

  2. BashingWilliam:
    That's what I am worried about as November approaches. As long as we can vote them out, this can be resolved peacefully. All retarded politicians know that they are in trouble, and I would not bet money against Repubs & Democrappers banding together to suspend elections and preserve themselves. No elections/compromised elections = all bets are off.

  3. While I agree with the premise of your post, I would like to point out that there is little probability of a "revolution" per se. What will likely happen is a paroxysm of mini-civil wars or regional/ethnic conflicts. Would we see wholesale slaughter of "low-level" public employees? Highly unlikely. But rhetoric can serve a purpose; to cause the employees (and lawyers, I suppose) to choose sides.

    Take for instance cops. Will they serve the people? -or their paymasters?