Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Kalifornia is in the Crapper and Won't Be Coming Out

The state of Kalifornia is home to the Silicon Valley, perhaps the largest concentration of technological engineering knowledge in the U.S. Kalifornia has about one-tenth of the U.S. population and a state budget larger than the budget of many countries. Kalifornia should be on the leading edge of effective and efficient government.

Kalifornia, however, cannot reprogram the payroll computers before the year 2012 to follow a simple directive: reduce the pay of state workers to federal minimum wagee as ordered by Governator Ahnold Schwarzenegger and upheld by Kalifornia's 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The reasons for the inability to reduce the pay of state workers, as given by Kalifornia politicians and bureaucrats, are legion:
--the payroll system is 60 years old and was last updated in 1970, according to Hallye Jordan, spokesperson for the Kalifornia state controller's office
--the 21st Century Project to update payroll computer techology is inexplicably behind schedule despite having been conceived in the 1990's
--the original contractor hired to fix the problems was fired because it went bankrupt (too bad Kalifornia voters don't do the same to their government), according to John Harrigan, former division chief of Kalifornia payroll services
--employees with expertise in the various programming languages used in the payroll programs keep retiring, according to Harrigan
--the legislature would have to pass a bill to modify the computer system or to collect more data, according to the Kalifornia Department of Justice, despite the legislature having approved just such a thing in the 21st Century Project in 2005

Of course, none of the politicians nor bureaucrats will address the two real reasons that Kalifornia cannot adjust its payroll to comply with the Governator's order, much less pass a budget that keeps Kalifornia out of bankruptcy and/or begging at the Obamination's door:
1) The Kalifornia government is completely controlled by Democrats, with the exception of the RINO governator.
2) The Kalifornia Democrats are completely under the control of the Kalifornia state employees unions.
If the real reasons given above do not make sense to you, please immediately move to Kalifornia and commence building a fence around the state to prevent like-minded Kalifornians from exiting Kalifornia. This would also serve as an effective border fence.

As goes Kalifornia, soon goes the rest of the country.

Remember in November.

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