Friday, August 6, 2010

Second Fat Marxist Sow Appointed to Supreme Court

Another sad chapter in history as another Marxist obtains a lifetime license to shred the Constitution. This fat, marxist sow, Elena Kagan, can't even name the God-given rights recognized by the Declaration of Independence. Figures, since marxists are large(ly) Godless statist whores.

The following Republican senaturds should be tied to stakes and set afire with the same Constitution that they set fire to today:

Senaturd Susan Collins, R(ino)-Maine
Senaturd Lindsey "Grahamnesty" Graham, R(ino)-South Carolina
Senaturd Judd Gregg, R(ino)-New Hampshire
Senaturd Richard Lugar, R(ino)-Indiana
Senaturd Olympia Snowe(flake), R(ino)-Maine

The following Democrat senaturd should be ashamed of himself for betraying the freedom-loving, gun-toting citizens of his state:

Senaturd Mark Begich, Marxist Pig Democrat-Alaska

I mention this particular Democrat as a particularly disappointing waste of skin because my home state is Alaska. Alaskans should boil his traitorous ass in oil before lighting him up with the Constitution he set fire to. Former Senator Ted Stevens may have been corrupt, but he NEVER would have voted for a marxist sow like Kagan or the retarded Latina.

My own Senaturds, Patty "Moron in Tennis Shoes" Murray and Maria Cant(do anything)well, voted as expected, as they are stupid marxist sows themselves and are too busy giving Obama rimjobs to actually think about anything they are voting on. They don't have too much to worry about, either, since the majority of their voters are dead, undocumented, fictional, retarded, or AFSCME members (sorry, I repeated myself).

Kudos to:

Senator Scott Brown, R-MA, who managed to exorcise the demon spirit of Ted Kennedy long enough to vote "NO" on Kagan.

Senator Ben Nelson, D-NE, for taking a field trip from his special education class long enough to be the only Democrat able to pour the excrement out of his head and vote "NO" on Kagan.

To Supreme Court Justices Alito, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and, conditionally, Kennedy: Live long and prosper. This country needs you now more than ever.

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