Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coward-In-Chief Obama Abandons Japan and South Korea While Reichsfuhrer Napolitano Promises to Violate More Women and Children

The disgusting bunch of bastards that comprises the Obama administration is at it again.  Abandoning our allies while violating the citizens at home.  Even the original Nazis didn't act this fast.

Obama essentially abandons Japan and South Korea after act of war by North Korea.  Read it here.  Way to go, Barry.  Now the Chinese, who are likely behind the whole thing, know what you are made of.  Or more accurately, full of.  Shit.  Same goes for your abandonment of Lebanon, which has dropped the UN trials for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri.  Not to mention your telegraphing your exit strategy to the Taliban in Afghanistan, your unreasonable demands on Israel, and your continued spinelessness in dealing with Iran.  No, Barry, 'ole Ahmadijihadi is not charmed by your very presence.  Leadership is not the same as a Justin Bieber concert; when leading a country, a bunch of screaming, fainting girls indicates that you are a vapid twit, Barry.

Meanwhile, Sektion Sicherheit-Vaterland Reichsfuhrer Napolitano announced that the violation of women and children by her Gropenfuhrers may extend to other forms of public transportation, such as trains, boats, and buses.  Story here.  The Gropenfuhrers apparently put their own security first, as numerous anectdotal accounts have surfaced of  SS-V troops using the same gloves for groping the private parts of multiple passengers.  Story here.   Adding insult to injury, SS-V Reichsfuhrer Napolitano exempts from these "security procedures" the persons who have caused more harm to this country than all of the known and suspected terrorists to date:  government officials including Timmy "Turbo Taxfraud" Geithner, Robert "I'm hunting tewwowists" Mueller, and the Reichsfuhrer herself.  Story here.

And if you object, dear reader, to the tender ministrations of the Gropenfuhrers?  You will be labelled a domestic extremist.  Story here.  Submit to the gate-rape by the Gropenfuhrers or face the fury of the Reich.

What the f*** happened to my country?

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