Monday, November 15, 2010

Retarded Politician of the Week: Michael Wolfensohn

New Castle, New York Councilman Michael Wolfensohn is the Retarded Politician of the Week.

Who else but a retarded politician would call the police on two teenagers selling cupcakes for a dollar each in a public park?  That's just what Wolfensohn did.  Read about it here.

Who cares if they did not have a permit!  Aren't there better things for fat-ass politicians to be doing on the public's dime?    Is the budget balanced in New Castle?  Is the public of New Castle getting its moneys worth out of its turd for a councilman?  Do New Castle residents have the balls to recall this piece of crap?  These are questions that need to be answered.  Leave the kids alone.

Then there is the waste of the police officers' time.  An incident like this shows that New Castle could save money by hiring police officers who arrest real criminals.

Back to Wolfensohn:  Is his next official act going to be pissing in some little girl's lemonade pitcher?

New Castle voters should piss on Wolfensohn's future electability.


  1. Nairb ur an idiot he was right to do that the kids were having an illegal bake sale

  2. people in this country are stupid. just like the guy above me.

  3. Democrats at work

  4. Wolfensohn in the house i see. Pathetic.

  5. Anon 2:22 and Anon 3:11: Thanks for stopping by.

    Anon 1:36: Learn English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please. Then maybe you can become a productive taxpayer and understand why I targeted Wolfensohn.

    Anon 2:21: If you don't like it, don't read it.