Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Ready to Ride the QE2

And I'm not referring to the luxury liner.  A better analogy would be a garbage scow.

Helicopter Ben Bernanke has officially announced Quantitative Easing, Part 2, as of yesterday.  I noticed that stocks are up this morning.  No reason not to expect that with a bunch of free money being thrown out willy-nilly.  The tomorrow of paying the bill will never come, they think.  Just pump that market up, up, and away.

Looks like not everyone is buying it.  The Dow is up 1.92% and S&P is up 1.91% as I write this.  Nice for those hypertraders still in the market and the insiders trying to pump up prices before they take their money and run.  And run they will.

The real story is in the price of gold and silver.  Gold is up over 6% from yesterday's low and silver is up a similar amount from yesterday's low.  That spells confidence.

Looks like I had better use my federal reserve notes to buy more toilet paper or else I will have to use federal reserve notes when I have to take a number QE2.

On another note, a tangibles acquiring opportunity is coming up this weekend at the Spokane Gun Show, which runs from Friday to Sunday at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.  At the last one I picked up a handful of .50 ammo cans for $5.00 each.  Very little rust and like-new (if not new) seals.  If that vendor is at the show, I will buy a dozen this time.

Keep preppin', 'cause this show ain't over.

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