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My Contribution to #2

TO: the Kremlin

This email from Comrade Murray seems "fishy". As requested, I am informing on others for the benefit of our glorious democrat people's banana republic of Barakastan Obamastan.

Regards to General Secretary Obamanov

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Subject: Health Care: Telling Your Stories

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August 11, 2009

Health Care: Telling Your Stories

Few issues affect the day-to-day lives of working families like health care. Whether it’s struggling with the increasing financial burden of your own premium, watching someone you love struggle with an insurance company while sick, or the worry that you yourself might be one accident away from bankruptcy, it’s clear that we can’t afford to keep heading down the path we’re on.

A few weeks ago, I asked you to share your health care stories illustrating the need for change. The response has been overwhelming, and the thousands of stories I’ve received have sent a message for health care reform stronger than anything I could say on my own. That’s why, in addition to sharing your stories on my website, I’ve been telling them in speeches to my colleagues on the Senate floor.

The Catastrophic Cost of Living Without Care

I told the stories of two Washington residents who lost their jobs, lost their health care, and ultimately lost their lives. Janet in Seattle and Kelly in Puyallup both felt that something was wrong, but put off going to the doctor because they no longer had insurance. By the time they finally decided to go in, it was too late – Janet had stage four throat cancer, and Kelly died of an ovarian cyst the morning of her appointment.

From my floor speech:

“I think the fact that these stories are possible in the greatest and richest country in the world is simply shameful. So when I hear some of my colleagues from across the aisle saying that we should slow down, saying that we should take more time, or that we are trying to reform health care too fast, I think of Kelly, and I think of Janet. We cannot continue to play politics with the most important thing to our nation’s families- the health of their loved ones.”

A Growing Burden on the Middle Class

Even those who do have health coverage are facing difficult decisions and mounting costs. For instance, Patricia in Woodinville, Washington has watched her family’s premiums rise by hundreds of dollars per month while their coverage goes down. On Wednesday, I told her story on the floor.

From my floor speech:

“To provide care for her family of four, Patricia paid $840 dollars a month in 2007. Then, last year, her payments jumped to $900 a month. Today, Patricia pays $1,186 in premiums just to provide care for her family each month. For those of our colleagues who ask how we can afford to pay for this, I’d like to tell them to ask Patricia Jackson – or any of their constituents. Because the real question is how can we afford not to.”

Ensuring Quality Care in Every Town

We all deserve access to the care we need when we need it, but our current health care system places many of us dangerously far from care. That’s why I’ve helped to make sure that our health care bill includes provisions to train and place doctors in underserved communities. On Monday, I told the story of Judy from Moses Lake, whose son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age.

From my floor speech:

“Judy and her husband had insurance—they had good health insurance—but they had to travel over three hours to get to a clinic with the resources that her son needed. They were not able to move closer to the clinic, because moving would force them to switch health insurance providers—and they knew they would get rejected because of their son’s preexisting condition. Judy’s son died three years ago, but the reforms we are working on will help mothers like Judy across the country. We are going to ensure that nobody can be denied health care coverage, even if they have a preexisting condition.”
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