Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Beer Run on Riding Mower Ends in Arrest

Not having a valid driver's license didn't stop Dennis Cretton from making a beer run. Crotton fired up his yellow riding mower and charged off to the local gas station convenience store on a quest for more suds. Problem is, he was too drunk to drive even a riding mower. After neighbors reported Cretton weaving in and out of traffic, police tried to stop him, but Cretton gave chase back to his home. Cretton spilled his half-rack of Milwaukee's Best upon driving his mower up into his front yard, where he was arrested for felony aggravated drunk driving.

Seems the real crime here was spilling the beer. Of course, Cretton's crime would be mitigated by the fact he spilled Milwaukee's Best.

Story here.

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