Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obamorons and the ColorOfChange(.org)

I have formed my own opinion that Barack Obama is a racist. I think he simply does not like white people. It is evident to me from his autobiography and from multiple references he has made regarding white Americans. Recently, Glenn Beck made the same observation. A Black Pressure Organization called has started a campaign to persuade advertisers to abandon Glenn Beck's show. Read it at Newsmax. I find this to be offensive and chilling to free speech.

Advertisers should remember that pressure groups do not shop at their stores. Pressure groups use the proxy method, telling stores that their members are representative of the public at large. Thus, the advertiser is led to believe that displeasing the pressure group is tantamount to displeasing the public at large.

Those of us who actually are the public at large and who do spend money with these advertisers should write to these advertisers and let them know how we feel about efforts by pressure groups to suppress free speech. The following is from my letter to Walmart:

I just read that you have withdrawn advertising from the Glenn Beck program on Fox News Channel, under pressure from a group called, because Mr. Beck has the opinion that President Obama is a racist. While I do not agree with everything Mr. Beck says, he is usally able to provide facts to document his opinion. I believe this to have been the case with Mr. Beck's remarks regarding the president. While Walmart is certainly free to choose the programs it will advertise on, such blatant caving in to a pressure group has a chilling effect on free speech. Just as Walmart can choose to advertise where it wants, I am free to shop where I want. I doubt that has spent much money at Walmart, but I know that my family has spent a significant portion of our budget at Walmart over the past eight years that Walmart has been in our area. If it is true that Walmart is caving in to an anti-free speech pressure group, I think that our family can spend our hard-earned money somewhere else. This means we would no longer be shopping at Walmart. Saving money at Walmart just does not compare to the value of freedom.

I only write to advertisers that I actually patronize. Walmart is the first. Next is Clorox and other advertisers who cave in to the pressure from

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