Thursday, August 6, 2009

Give the Turds What They Want

So Comrade Obama wants us to inform on people who are telling the truth about his Obamination of a health care plan. Rat out the opposition to the Rat Bastard. The Obamorons even provide an email address to forward all those nasty emails and other "disinformation" against his central planning for our health care. More likely his plan for killing off his detractors through denial of health care after ensuring that the only place to get medical treatment is Comrade Obama Medical Center. But I digress...

We should take advantage of the opportunity to tell President Carter II what we really think via that email address, I suggest that we also forward all kinds of crap to I am going to find all of the email updates sent to me by my shithead senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, along with every email sent to me by any crackpot liberal group, starting with Maybe even some of those stupid emails I keep getting from naked housewives with webcams.

Give the turds what they want, just not with what they are expecting, and flood that email inbox. If a significant number of people do this, maybe the Turd-in-Chief will clue in that he and his commie remake of America aren't that popular.

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