Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Foot in Each World?

Everyday life feels increasingly complicated.  I have a business to run and decisions to make about it's (and my) future.  Although I feel that something is terribly wrong in this country that will make business and personal decisions about the future irrelevant, I have to operate on the assumption that I will still be in business a year from now, three years from now, and even ten years from now.

By the same token, I know that this country has been through numerous crises in the past and that it is quite likely that I will still be driving my desk for the foreseeable future.  Still, there are signs that civilization as we know it could end any time (for whatever reason:  war, EMP, other natural disaster, economic collapse, etc.).  I do not believe in not having preparations, nor do I believe that the government will take care of everyone come TEOTWAWKI.

It sure feels odd, renewing an advertising contract for another year, taking on a three year telecommunications contract, and scheduling my continuing education into the future at the same time that I am putting away additional food stocks, equipment, ammo, and other preps.  Most of the oddness stems from budgeting for two lives:  the one I live every day and the one that I fear I may be living in the not-too-distant future.  It is like having a foot in each world, watching for the time that I will have to pick up one foot and plant it firmly with the other. 

I suppose if I were wealthy it might be different.  Then I could have my fully stocked bunker out in the hinterlands while I entertained clients at my cosmopolitan McMansion without a worry in the world.  Nah, I was raised too blue-collar for that.  I would have a fully stocked bunker in the hinterlands, but I would have friends over to my enormous pole-barn shop to drink beer and talk about guns.

Meanwhile, the limited budget keeps me searching for prep bargains.  Here is one:  16 ounce jars of coconut oil for cooking and other uses, suitable for long term storage.  $4.50 at  10% discount through October 31, 2010 with code BWOCT, and flat $4.99 shipping cost.  I learned about coconut oil as a healthy cooking oil and its suitability for long term storage from Miss Kellene at Preparedness Pro.

That's all for now.

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