Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If You Aren't Votin', Quit Bitchin'

Without naming names, I have read plenty of commentators stating that they do not vote in elections.  Excuses range from "What does it matter?" to "I won't give legitimacy to this government."  Most I have read are supporters of restoring this country to its Constitutional foundation, a worthy goal.

Refusing to vote, however, is inconsistent with restoring this country to its Constitutional foundation.  The Constitution established our Republic, a representative democracy where voters participate in the government by electing representatives.  Constitutionally, this was by direct election of Congressmen and indirect election of Senators through state government.  Our central government and most, if not all, of our state governments are thoroughly corrupt and operating extracontstitutionally, and this has occurred by the voters' choice of representatives and apparent continuing consent through election after election.

The way to begin the change we need is to exercise our right to vote in representatives who will restore Constitutional government.  Yes, before change will occur the government does have to be so bad that even your average idiot voter is persuaded to vote against the collectivists.  In the meantime, supporters of Constitutional government will continue to be a minority, having to vote for some establishment politicians, vote for "fringe" candidates, or taking it upon ourselves to run for office.  The key here is that, if we believe in Constitutional government, by its very definition it requires us to participate.  That means voting.

I am disturbed by the prospect of Constitution-loving individuals who refuse to vote.  If they will not participate in the process now, when the Republic most needs individuals to participate and steer the country back to its Constitutional foundation, when will they participate?

Will it be when voters like me have finally participated and persuaded enough that voters will have elected a government that returns to Constitutional principles?  Or will it be after the "revolution" that some say will be necessary to end the increasing tyranny as the government further deviates from the Constitution?

I have to admit, I get nervous when someone refuses to participate in Constitutional government at the same time he or she is demanding a return to it.  It seems like some will only vote when they get the government they want.  Sometimes I am afraid to ask exactly what that is.

I have already voted this year.  Although I will likely continue to dislike the government that I will get, I will respect the Constitution and participate.  If there is a need to change the government due to its continuing down the road of tyranny, I will respect the Constitution and participate.  In between, I will continue to be critical of government that oversteps its Constitutional bounds.

This is my personal feeling about those who do not participate:  If you aren't votin', quit bitchin'.

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