Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obamacare: It Ain't Over Yet, Commie Bastards!

Alternate Titles: 

Just Try It; I'll Give You a Proctology Exam With Your Obamacare and

Obamacare Causes Increase in Hot Lead Injections to Lyin' Liberal Swine

As frustrating as the decision by George Caram Steeh III is upholding Obamacare, it ain't over yet.  I believe that Steeh, a lowly U.S. District Court Judge in Michigan, issued a poorly reasoned and unconstitutional decision in upholding Obamacare.  Some things have to be kept in perspective.

U.S. District Court judges are generally political hacks.  They have generally been aligned with one political party or another throughout their legal career.  Most judges started out as private attorneys or working for some organization.  They got involved with various political causes to get noticed.  Often some political entity, such as the governor, picks them to fill a judicial vacancy of some sort.  Just as often a local judge will retire and the opportunistic lawyer will run for the seat.  It is somewhat rare for a sitting judge to be defeated at election time, and my observation is that sitting judges are rarely replaced by challenge in the election.

Steeh was appointed by Bill Clinton.  Consider the source.  Sleaziest, most disrespectful to the office president in modern history appoints constitutionally illiterate judge (likely a political hack) to be a U.S. District Court Judge in Michigan.  Like appointer, like appointee.

It is natural that with a marxist administration seeking to add legitimacy to one of its marxist agendas, the first judicial decision upholding the marxist agenda would come from a marxist political hack appointed by a sleazebag member of the marxist president's political party.  I can only wonder what political and other pressure was applied to ensure that Steeh's decision was the first one on Obamacare.

U.S. District Court judges are the lowest level of the judiciary.  They are the equivalent of the Superior Court or District Court judges in Washington.  In Washington we have the Courts of Appeals above Superior and District Court, then the Supreme Court of Washington.  If it weren't for boneheaded decisions by judges at the Superior Court and District Court level, we would not have most of the appellate court and supreme court decisions we rely upon every day.  The same is true in the federal courts.  Steeh is a bonehead judge who made a bonehead decision that will be reviewed.  The Court of Appeals for that circuit might not be any brighter than Steeh, but the U.S. Supreme Court is where I am looking for the decision, as a Supremes decision will be the law of the land, not requiring any reconciliation among the federal circuits.

Obamacare will be like Heller and McDonald, having to weave its way through the federal courts of appeals to have the U.S. Supreme Court make the final determination, only in the case of Obamacare that it is an unconstitutional mandate.  In the meantime, I will hold onto my stainless steel insurance policy and my prescription of 230 grain copper capsules.

To Washington voters:  If you do not want the marxist agenda of government health care shoved down your throat, and would instead like to shove it back up Obama's ass, vote Dino Rossi for U.S. Senate on November 2.

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