Friday, October 8, 2010

Unemployment Steady at 9.6%, and A Bet

On my way to work this morning the news announced that unemployment for September 2010 held steady at 9.6%.  Of course it did.  No administration whose party controls the white house and congress would admit to an increase less than a month before a national election.  If unemployment went down, you can be sure that the Obamanation himself would be trumpeting it from the rooftops.  As it is, the mainstream/lamestream media had to make sure that I, registered voter, got the message.  The news item opened with the announcement that unemployment held at 9.6% and ended with the prominent announcement that unemployment had held steady at 9.6%.

I am willing to bet $100.00* that within a week after the election on November 2, 2010 that the unemployment figures will be revised upward.

*Terms:  If I win, I get paid in U.S. dollars.  If I lose, I will pay in Zimbabwe dollars.  If the winner does not have change for a $1,000,000,000,000.00 Zimbabwe bill, I reserve the right to pay in monopoly money.  If Democrats retain control of both houses of congress, they will all have the same value.

To Washington voters:  If you like high unemployment, increased taxes, increased home foreclosures, strangulation of small businesses, favoritism for public employee unions, citizen disarmament, and a host of other poxes on this great country, please remember to vote for Patty Murray on November 2.


  1. Ha!

    Have you had any takers on this one?

    Not even a Liberal would bet against you on this one!


  2. Not yet, but "hope and change" spring eternal.