Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A month ago I wrote about ordering some buckets for my long-term food storage. I needed a place to put away rice, beans, flour, sugar, etc. I ordered twenty buckets from U.S. Plastic. A good buy, I thought, at about $5.25 per bucket, with lid, delivered. The buckets are far from heavy duty, but will comfortably hold 30+ pounds of supplies (being full) and I can stack the full buckets three deep without any detectable stress. An added bonus is that the lids have a rubber seal. None of the buckets from Wally World or local hardware stores have that seal.

The buckets arrived after about a week in one box via UPS. Could not load them up right away because I had not ordered mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. So I checked around for both and ended up ordering both from USA Emergency Supply. $1.82 each for bucket-sized mylar bags and $18.42 for 100 500cc oxygen absorbers. About $9.00 more for shipping.

I loaded up about six of the buckets a few days ago. Sealed the mylar bags with my "Seal-a-Meal" vacuum sealer, and put the lids on. I found that a little dusting of the inside of the mylar bag with flour helps the vacuum sealer to be able to suck the air out from between the two flat mylar sides of the bag.

All in all, I think I found some good buys which I highly recommend to others for food storage.

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