Sunday, July 12, 2009

Retarded Politician of the Week

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Retarded Politician of the Week honors go to Barack Hussein Obama, leader of the New National Socialist Party and President of the Kool-Aid Drinkers. Obama could actually be stupid politician of the millenium, but there is so much material on this guy that he should be up for consideration every week.

Obama, upon visiting the continent where he was born, last week called for the history of slavery in America to be taught "in a meaningful way", presumably adding to the liberal indoctrination already going on. Read the Newsmax story here.

I am not old, but I remember being taught U.S. history in public schools in the 1970's and 1980's, and we were definitely taught as part of that history that Africans were enslaved in Africa by Africans and sold to slave traders who brought said African slaves to the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and North America (including the British Colonies which became the United States). In no way was slavery presented as something to be proud of in our history, but it was not taught with a heaping helping of "white guilt". Of course, most of my childhood was spent in the great state of Alaska, not known to be as liberal or self-loathing as a number of the "lower 48" states.

Leave it to a non-American like Obama to pass judgment on the society I grew up in. I can only surmise that Obama believes that not enough "white guilt" has been included in the teaching of slavery. After all, this is the same clown who said in his 1995 book that, if it came to war between the U.S. and the Muslims, he would side with the Muslims. This is just another attempt to be divisive for political gain, just like the class warfare that the New National Socialists have been playing for decades. Blame a bunch of people who have never owned slaves and whose ancestors likely never owned slaves to curry favor with people who have never been slaves. My thoughts: Grow up and get over it.

It amazes me that anybody at all thinks that Obama has what it takes to lead this country, when the dork can't even produce an actual certified copy of his actual birth certificate.

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