Sunday, July 26, 2009

Retarded Politician of the Week

Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina.

Here is another turd RINO who should be purged before he gets to pull an Arlen Specter on us. Just as we should have tossed Specter onto the ash heap of history thirty years ago, we should have tossed Lindsey Graham some time ago. Now he makes it all too clear that someone with genuine conservative credentials should run against him in the next Republican primary. Since that will be in 2012, I suggest that the good people of South Carolina recall him right now.

From his participation in the "Gang of 14" to his collaboration with McCain and Teddy "Water Hazard" Kennedy on immigration "reform", I have been more than a little irked with Graham over the past few years. His recent decision to vote for the confirmation of racist, anti-gun pig Sonia Sotomayor is over the top. I don't know whether Graham is playing his old, "go along to get along" game with the Democraps, but his decision is a betrayal to conservatives and libertarians everywhere.

I know that there are four other Republican Senators who have announced their support for Sotomayor. Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe are no surprise, they have been RINOs since day one, and I have previously suggested that they are the equivalent of Arlen Specter. Sen. Mel Martinez was also an automatic vote for Sotomayor, a Latino has to stand up for a Latina, even if she is a racist and is not wise. Sen. Richard Lugar is just senile as far as I can figure, or just doesn't have any fight left in him.

Sotomayor has a proven record as a racist, having headed the legal department of a racist organization. She is also anti-gun and anti-self defense, having gone "on the record" to state that she believes that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to the states, citing a nineteenth century Supreme Court decision. That same cited decision was from an era when the 1st Amendment was ruled not to apply to the states, and has been clearly superseded by Supreme Court decisons of the 20th Century. Shows how far Sotomayor will go to cite outdated law to support her liberal agends. And Sotomayor said recently that there is no Constitutional right of self-defense. Like all true-blue liberals, she believes we should just lie down and bleed in the gutter, 'cuz gub'mint knows best.

Back to Lindsey Graham. His decision to vote for confirmation of Sotomayor, the worst kind of liberal, identity politics, reverse-racist pig, is a betrayal of his party and his constituency. Graham states that he "hopes Democrats will offer future conservative nominees and presidents the same deference that he's showing" (from Real Clear Politics). Note to Senator Graham: How many times are you going to bend over and take it before your realize that the Democraps will never play nice with you? Pack up your Barbie doll and go home!

The State of South Carolina deserves better than Lindsey Graham. For now he is just Retarded Politician of the Week.

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